jesus-cross-and-sunTalk about a change in the weather.  When Jesus came into the city of Jerusalem on Sunday, the crowds were excited, waving palm branches, cheering “Hosanna”, and calling Him their king. Yet by the following Friday, Jesus had been arrested, severely beaten, and was hanging on a cross taking His last gasps of air.  The crowd had changed their tune.  Leading the new chorus were the religious leaders who said, “He saved others; Himself He cannot save. If He is the King of Israel, let Him now come down from the cross, and we will believe Him. (Matthew 27:42)

That Sunday shout of “Hosanna” is often misunderstood.  It is not a cheer of praise, but a cry for help.  “Hosanna” means “save now”.  And though the mockers standing at the cross on Friday considered Jesus an utter failure, He was in fact answering the cries of the people on Sunday.  The cross wasn’t a failure.  It was salvation.  He died to save us from the worst part of the human condition…sin.

I wonder if sometimes I too don’t understand what it means when I ask God for help. Though He may at times deliver me from an immediate difficulty, there will be other times when He allows me to go through further difficulty to achieve a greater good. If you have cried “Hosanna” in your time of trouble, yet the trouble persists, don’t be discouraged.  Keep your eyes open.  There is a greater good.