Pesky Tusken Raiders

Tusken_RaidersThe Amalekites had attacked Israel. The Amalekites were the “Tusken Raiders” of the Old Testament (Tusken Raider:  Star Wars’ “sand people” who tortured Anakin Skywalker’s mom).  Moses would later record that the Amalekites had attacked the folks in the rear, the stragglers, the tired and weary (Deut. 25:18).  The Amalekites were not nice people.  Moses knew it was time to fight, so he asked Joshua to choose some warriors, and in the morning while Joshua was fighting, Moses would be on top of a nearby hill praying.  And so it was, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed; and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. (Exodus 17:11)

It’s a simple picture.  When Moses prays, Joshua does well.  The problem that day was that the battle wasn’t over in fifteen minutes.  The battle dragged on for the entire day.  At times Moses’ arms got tired, and as he dropped his arms, the enemy advanced.  Moses addressed his weary arms by asking two friends to prop up his arms until the battle was over.

You might be in a battle today.  It could be with your health, a relationship, finances, family, or things at work.  Do you realize what the key to victory is?  Victory is not about getting your way.  Victory is about what God does through prayer.  If you’ve grown weary in prayer, maybe it’s time to ask some friends to lift your hands.