You Count

Widow MitesOn the fifth day Shelumiel the son of Zurishaddai, leader of the children of Simeon, presented an offering. (Numbers 7:36)

It’s probably not the most inspiring passage in the Bible.  In fact, if you’ve ever spent time reading through Numbers 7, you may have been tempted to skip this particular verse.  Numbers 7 is like the charitable giving receipt you get at the end of the year listing all that you’ve given.  This chapter records all the gifts that the leaders of each tribe gave at the opening of the Tabernacle in the wilderness.  Each person’s set of gifts is exactly like the gifts of the others.  Each gift consisted of silver, gold, grain, incense, olive oil, and sacrificial animals.  After you’ve read through the first three or four sets of gifts, you begin to realize that each set of gifts is exactly like the previous set, just the names have changed. So when you get to the fifth day and your eyes begin to glaze over, you skip to the end of the chapter.

Yet God makes sure that Moses records in painstaking detail each item that each man has brought to give to God.  Why?  Because each person’s gift is important.  Even if it looks exactly like the last person’s gift.  Your gift is important as well. Whether it’s sharing your talents, your finances, or spending time with a hurting person, God sees, God cares, and God takes note.  You see, God is generous and His people should be too.  What you do counts.