Secure Inheritance

InheritanceThus no inheritance shall change hands from one tribe to another, but every tribe of the children of Israel shall keep its own inheritance.” (Numbers 36:9)

Five sisters came to Moses with a problem (Num. 27).  Their father had died without any sons, and these sisters were afraid they would lose their share of the coming inheritance in the Promised Land.  In those days, women were not eligible to inherit.  So when these sisters pleaded with Moses, God smiled and replied that women were indeed qualified to receive an inheritance.  A little while later, the leaders from their tribe of Manasseh came with their own concern.  The sisters were ready to get married. The leaders were worried that if the gals married outside their tribe, their property would be transferred to their husband’s tribe. Moses prayed, and again God answered that the gals simply needed to marry within their own tribe.  The precious inheritance would not be lost.

As believers, you too my friends have an inheritance.  It’s bigger than your parent’s 401k.  Your inheritance is also in a Promised Land, heaven.  Peter wrote that it was “incorruptible, undefiled, and does not fade away” (1Pet.1:4).  The sisters Zelophehad learned that the best of inheritances can’t be given away.  You can’t be swindled out of it.  No one can take it away. This is the security of eternal life.