Open for Business

Open for businessPhilip was called “the evangelist” because God used him to lead many people to faith in Jesus.  Though you might be tempted to say that this was because he had the gift of evangelism, I think it was because he was simply open to being used by God.

When the first wave of persecution hit the early church in Jerusalem, all the believers except the apostles fled into the outlying areas.  Philip wound up in Samaria and decided to use his circumstances to share his faith.  A lot of Samaritans came to believe in Jesus.  Then Philip was prompted by God to leave Samaria and travel into the desert to the south where he stumbled across a caravan heading to Ethiopia.  Then the Spirit said to Philip, “Go near and overtake this chariot.” (Acts 8:29)

In that chariot, Philip encountered a man reading to himself from a scroll of Isaiah the prophet.  It just so happened that this man was reading Isaiah 53, about the suffering Messiah.  When the man asked Philip who the prophet was talking about, it was pretty easy to talk about Jesus.  All because Philip was open to be used.

My friends, the world around us is filled with people looking for answers.  People are finding out how unfulfilling this world’s ways are.  The question is, are we ready and available to share the answers they are looking for?  The answer is really quite simple.  It’s Jesus.