The Cards

CardsPaul’s enemies had stirred up the crowds in the Temple and would have put Paul to death when the Roman soldiers stepped in. The Romans were about to scourge Paul when Paul pulled out his Roman citizenship “card”.  Roman citizens were not allowed to be tortured.  The Roman commander wondered how Paul was a Roman citizen … And Paul said, “But I was born a citizen.” (Acts 22:28)

One of the things I appreciate about Paul was his ability to recognize that everything in his life had a purpose.  He recognized the cards he had been dealt.  A Jew educated as a Pharisee gave him an amount of credibility to other Jews. Being born in the Gentile city of Tarsus not only gave him Roman citizenship, it helped him relate to Gentiles. Even Paul’s arrests, beatings, and physical illness gave him the ability to relate to people others couldn’t.

You too have been given a set of “cards” to play with in your life. Those “cards” may involve how you were born or the experiences you’ve had in life. You may think that the cards you’ve been dealt don’t give you any advantage. You are wrong.  There are certain people that only you can relate to. There are bridges that only you can cross because of the cards you are holding in your hand. Nothing is wasted, even the pain.  It all has a purpose in God’s plan.  The bigger challenge is, will you let God use you?