HeadphonesThe book of Psalms begins with a clue to the inner life of the believer.  It’s a key to getting closer to God and seeing His fruit in your life on a consistent basis.  The key has to do with inputs. What’s playing in your headphones? The “blessed” man is one who reduces the inputs from the world in his life, and… his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night. (Psalm 1:2)

Do you struggle with fear and anxiety in your life?  Do you find yourself motivated by fear? Are you looking for direction in your life?  Do you long to be closer to God?  Then pay attention to the inputs in your life.  What kinds of things do you allow into our heart and your mind? Is your first task in the morning to check Facebook?  Is watching TV the last thing you do in the evening?  Or do you give God time to speak by opening His Word?  I’ve been challenging myself to not just start my day with the Bible, but to end with it as well.

Have you ever wondered why you feel closer to God by the end of a church retreat?  I don’t want to oversimplify it, but part of it has to do with input.  You’ve had a weekend away from the world’s input, and a weekend getting input from God and His word.

Beloved, turn off the world’s input for a few minutes.  Start your day with scripture.  End your day with scripture. Take a few minutes to pray. It doesn’t take much.  And watch what happens.