Job, the Man, no Myth, the Legend

This week’s Pastor to Person was written by Daniel Grant.

Job’s story is not one that many of us want to emulate. It is one of those head-scratchers.  Job forms a part of the wisdom literature and helps us answer the question of what we ought to do when life goes wrong, VERY WRONG!!

“Job was blameless, upright, fearing God and turning away from evil” (Job 1:1). He was also REALLY rich (Job1:2-3), which begs the question: can a rich man love and serve God? Yes, he can – Job did, and did so excellently!! What we see from Job’s story is a man who was not wealth-focused, not fame-focused but a man who honored God and helped others honor God. Job would often intercede for his children, and offer burnt offerings on their behalf, just in case they had sinned.

Job had an eternal perspective – we see this the most clearly when he loses his riches and even his family. The only one who was not taken was his wife, who ‘the adversary’ used to try and break his spirit (Job 2:9). In all this Job did not sin”. (Job 1:22) He mourned and was in more pain than most of us will ever know, and yet he worshiped God even through the valley of the shadow of death. As a man of integrity, we have much to learn from Job. Like Job, let us worship God and set the example that our culture desperately needs. Have integrity. Live honestly. Faithfully serve our King.