Truth, Love and Dare?

This weeks Pastor to Person was written by Daniel Grant.

Be careful beloved, don’t receive and believe everything you hear. The second Epistle of John is a short, but sweet reminder of two very important things: “walk in the truth” and “love one another”. Be careful that you are, “persevering in” and “walking in” the truth. It is the truth that will guide us in bearing much fruit. These two things sound so easy and so simple, walk in the truth and love people, they are both very important and yet can be so very difficult!

Let’s be honest, loving people can be difficult and messy and downright hard work, but we are called and reminded to do it over and over again.  John is reminding the church and us, of this critical part of our DNA as Christians, that we are to be the ones who lavishly love.  John gives us two instructions concerning the truth. Walk in the truth AND be careful that you are NOT deceived.  Walking in the truth means saying hard things (lovingly), and being careful to receive and give Biblical counsel.  The warning is to walk in such a way as to NOT be deceived! Also, be very cautious of people that intentionally deceive.  Don’t be fooled, and refuse to partake in ANY falsehood.  Continue to love those that deceive, but be on your guard!  I dare you to practice those things!  May your joy in the Lord be beautifully FULL!!