Now there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph. (Exodus 1:8)

The story of Joseph is an amazing tale of God’s providence, grace, and power to save.  Not only did God use Joseph to save his own family from a coming famine, Joseph saved the nation of Egypt as well.  Those must have been wonderful days to have seen God’s hand at work and see how God turned bad things to good.

But time marches on.  “Good ‘ol days” don’t last.  Old leaders like Joseph eventually die off and are succeeded by the next generation.  Then a king arises in Egypt who doesn’t have a clue about Joseph, what he did for Egypt, nor the value of Joseph’s people.  For the children of Israel, the changes they were facing were terrible.  They would become slaves and be mistreated, until the day Moses rose up to save them.

I hate to be the one to remind you, but change is coming.  Everything changes.  Time marches on.  Sometimes the changes are for the better (like Moses coming), and sometimes the changes are difficult (slavery).

Are you ready for changes to come?  Do you have your feet planted on the Rock?  You can be destroyed by change, or you can adapt and thrive.  Which will it be?  Blessed are the flexible.