When Pigs Fly

…who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no one could bind him, not even with chains, (Mark 5:3)

He had the most hopeless of lives. Possessed by demonic spirits, his life was in ruins. He lived far from society in the graveyard. People tried to control his behavior by putting him in chains, but even chains couldn’t stop his wild behavior. All day and night he’d wander among the tombs, wildly howling, and cutting himself with sharp stones.

All that changed the day that Jesus came.

With a few simple words, Jesus cast the demons out of the man.  The demons entered a herd of pigs, which in turn went crazy and flew off a cliff, drowning in the lake. The man was forever changed.

What seems impossible to us is possible with Jesus.  People that we think are beyond help can be changed by an encounter with Jesus.  Hopeless situations in my life can turn around with just a word from His mouth.

Sometimes, I’m a little too accustomed to the way things are.  I think that since I am powerless to alter a situation, it’s simply hopeless.  I think, “That will change when pigs fly.”  Yet I have a God who can make pigs fly.  Don’t quit.  Bring Jesus into the situation. See what He does.  Lord, we have no help apart from You.