And you shall take the anointing oil, pour it on his head, and anoint him. (Exodus 29:7)

The Bible teaches that all believers are “priests” to God (Rev. 1:6).  A priest is one who does things to serve God and others.  We often think of ministry as being all about what we are “doing”, but ministry starts with what’s been “done” to you.

Before Aaron and his sons could serve as priests, they were to go through a “consecration” ceremony. The ceremony involved sacrifices that not only committed them to God but paid for their sins.  The sacrifice was personal – the animal’s blood was put on the priest’s earlobe, thumb, and big toe.  It’s as if they were being cleansed in their mind (earlobe), their actions (thumb), and where they went (big toe).   The use of the scented anointing oil was symbolic of the Holy Spirit being on the priest’s life, giving his life a new fragrance as evidence of God’s work in his life.

Believers, God has called you to serve.  Before you get busy “doing” things, make sure that you’ve received the things that God wants “done” in your life.  God wants you to walk clean and forgiven.  God wants you to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s when we serve from a place of being cleansed and empowered that we are most useful to God.  Start with what’s been “done”.