Desperate Faith

This week’s Pastor to Person was written by Caleb Beller.

Luke 8:46, Jesus said, “Somebody touched Me, for I perceived power going out from Me.” Often we feel our problems may be too personal, small or persistent to change. We feel like Jesus should just walk by. ‘It will never get better’. ‘He won’t care’. These lies often paralyze us in our brokenness. This woman was desperate. Luke tells us that for 12-years she struggled with this intimate and debilitating condition. She spent and tried everything with no relief.

That day something was different, Jesus was close. She dared not stop Him as He was on His way to do something much more important (She felt). I won’t bother Him with all the details, but If I can just touch his robe!  Maybe she felt she was too impure to touch Him, desperately she thought if I can just get close enough to touch his robe. “Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

Had she kept her hands to herself, or given into fear instead of faith, she never would have heard those beautiful words.  Are you desperate for a touch of Jesus? Maybe it’s time to press through the chaos and confusion and touch Him! We need to stop waiting, worrying, and wishing, and mobilize our faith. His presence is near today, we the church are His hands and feet. Do you need to reach out to another believer today? Is someone reaching out to you? May we have the faith to reach out and the faith to respond with the Love of Jesus. His power is present to heal today, through you or for you!