Know Your Boundaries

“… this is the land that shall fall to you as an inheritance—the land of Canaan to its boundaries. (Numbers 34:2)

Before the Israelites crossed into their Promised Land, God spelled out their boundaries.  Boundaries help me know when I’m in the right place and when I’ve crossed a line into a place I don’t belong.  A boundary tells me that my kid’s ball is in the neighbor’s yard and no longer in mine.

Some people don’t respect boundaries.  They might be over at your house way more than you wish they were.  They might be that person who stands just a little too close for comfort.

As believers, there are places we belong and places we don’t belong.  We don’t belong in sin.  We don’t belong in rebellion against God.  We don’t belong in hatred.  Those are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.  Just as there are places we don’t belong, there are also places we do belong.  We belong in the presence of God.  We belong in grace.  We belong in hope.  We belong in holiness.

Do you know your boundaries?  Do you know where you are right now?  Which side of the line are you on?  The land God has for us is a good one.  David wrote, “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” (Ps.16:6)

God has a beautiful place for us.  It’s where we belong.