The Central Sanctuary

…then there will be the place where the Lord your God chooses to make His name abide… (Deuteronomy 12:11)

Before Israel made it into the Promised Land, Moses could guide the nation and teach them God’s ways because the people all camped together.  Yet once they entered the Promised Land, that would all change.  The nation would begin to spread out, and the danger they faced was that everyone would start doing whatever seemed “right in their own eyes”, instead of following God’s ways. To deal with this, God would set aside a special place, a “central sanctuary”, where truth was taught, and people learned how to follow God.

Today, our nation is pretty well defined as everyone doing what seems to be “right in their own eyes”.  I’m not sure if the problem is that we don’t want to walk in a way that pleases God, or if we simply don’t know what it means to please God.  We certainly need a place to be taught by God.

Beloved, your church ought to be that kind of “sanctuary”.  While the rest of the world experiences a “famine” for God’s Word, church ought to be a place of feasting.  There’s nothing wrong with sermons that make you “feel good”, and there’s nothing wrong with topical sermons per se, but the real question is, are you learning what pleases Him? That may not always be what pleases you.