“And Abraham lived as an alien in the land of the Philistines for many days.” (Genesis 21:34, CSB)

Alien.  A word that conjures up all sorts of images in our heads.  Perhaps little green men or a space monster. Maybe just that neighbor down the street from a foreign country.  All those pictures define a person who doesn’t belong. There are times when we too feel a little out of place.  The question is, where do you belong?

As believers, we are “sojourners and pilgrims” in this world.  We are children of light while the world around us dwells in darkness.  When you are out in the world, whether it’s at work or just going out to eat with your family, there may be times when you are definitely aware that you “don’t belong”.  But that’s okay beloved.  We are supposed to be lights in the world.  We are a chosen generation, intended by God to give those around us an idea of where the path leads to God. In the end, the Philistines went on to … disappear in the pages of history. Abraham and his descendants went on to multiply and are everywhere. Be sure you are making your attachments based on what lasts, not what passes. You may indeed feel like a stranger in this world, but you weren’t made for this world, you were made for heaven. As a citizen of heaven, you belong. You are family.