Real Help

This week’s Pastor to Person is Pastor Rich Cathers.

Do you want to help those who are struggling?  Do you want to be a part of the change that needs to take place in their life?  A key to seeing real change and real growth is the element of truth.

Jeremiah lived during the days when the Babylonian empire would level the city of Jerusalem. A few hundred years earlier the Assyrians had attempted to take Jerusalem, but God stepped in and rescued the city.  Would it be the same in Jeremiah’s day?  One prophet, named Hananiah, thought so.  He made a point of claiming that God was going to rescue Jerusalem.  His message certainly cheered people up, but it was a false hope.

Then the prophet Jeremiah said to Hananiah the prophet, “Hear now, Hananiah, the Lord has not sent you, but you make this people trust in a lie. (Jeremiah 28:15)

The people needed to hear that it was time for a reset, not a rescue. The people needed to hear a message of repentance and surrender to Babylon.  If you really want to help people, you need to figure out the truth they need to hear and then have the courage to tell them.  Giving out sappy platitudes helps no one.