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Your Savings + ECCU = More Ministry

The Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) is where much of Calvary Chapel of Fullerton’s savings is kept.  They have opened up a new program to offer accounts to members of our congregation.  You will earn good interest rates, as well as, helping the ministries that the credit union supports.

ECCU is committed to Christ-centered ministry. Through their Ministry Advancement Program (MAP), our staff, missionaries, donors, and congregants  are eligible to open accounts with exclusive MAP rates, which means more money for savings or ministry efforts

If you open an Interest Checking and/or a Money Market Savings accounts with $1,000 today, you’ll fuel ministry, earn a great return, and receive $50!

You’ll find more information and full terms and conditions of the offer on Calvary Chapel of Fullerton’s MAP website at www.eccu.org/map/ccfullerton.  If you are interested in this offer, complete the form on the website or call the Ministry Advancement Program of ECCU at 800.634.3228