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Bible Reading

This week’s reading schedule –

16-Jun to 22-Jun
Sat. 2Ki. 23-25; Psalms 99-100
Sun. 1Chr. 1-2; Psalms 101-102
Mon. 1Chr. 3-4; Psalms 103-104
Tues. 1Chr. 5-6; Psalms 105-106
Wed. 1Chr. 7-8; Psalms 107-108
Thurs. 1Chr. 9-10; Psalms 109-110
Fri. 1Chr. 11-12; Psalms 111-112


Last week’s reading –

9-Jun to 15-Jun
Sat. 2Ki. 9-10; Psalms 85-86
Sun. 2Ki. 11-12; Psalms 87-88
Mon. 2Ki. 13-14; Psalms 89-90
Tues. 2Ki. 15-16; Psalms 91-92
Wed. 2Ki. 17-18; Psalms 93-94
Thurs. 2Ki. 19-20; Psalms 95-96
Fri. 2Ki. 21-22; Psalms 97-98


If you’d like to see the schedule for the entire year, you can download the pdf file, and it makes a nifty bookmark in your Bible.

Mobile Users:  If you bookmark this page, you’ll have a quick way to check where you are supposed to be reading each day.

If you read the entire day’s reading, you will read through the entire Bible in a year.  If you read just the first part of each day’s reading, you will read through the entire Old Testament in a year (minus Psalms and Proverbs).  If you read just the second part of each day’s reading, you will read through the entire New Testament as well as Psalms and Proverbs in a year.

We believe one of the keys to growing in our relationship with the Lord is to spend time every day in His Word, the Bible.  Some of us have found that it’s extra helpful to be reading the same thing that others are at the same time, and share what we’ve been learning with each other.  In addition, Pastor Rich’s weekly “Pastor to Person” blog is written from something he was thinking about while he was reading (usually from the Friday reading).