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Bible Reading

As a church, we put a high priority on reading the Bible.  In fact we like to read it together.  We’ve put together a Bible Reading plan that will allow you to read through the Bible in a year.  It’s basically three chapters a day (with exceptions), and the normal day includes two chapters in the Old Testament, and one chapter in the New Testament.

We publish the reading for the upcoming week on our App.  If you text the words “ccfullerton app” to 77977, you’ll receive back a text with a link to your phone’s app store, and you can download the app for free.  Once the app is loaded, click on the “Connect” tab at the bottom, and then “Thru-the-Bible Reading Plan” to see this week’s reading.

If you’d like to see the schedule for the entire year, you can download the pdf file, and it makes a nifty bookmark in your Bible.

We believe one of the keys to growing in our relationship with the Lord is to spend time every day in His Word, the Bible.  Some of us have found that it’s extra helpful to be reading the same thing that others are at the same time, and share what we’ve been learning with each other.  In addition, the weekly “Pastor to Person” blog is written from that week’s reading (usually from the Friday reading).