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Discussion Questions

What are connect groups? 

This week’s Discussion Questions

The facilitator will use these questions to help us discuss the message from Sunday (6/7) . Please take some time to think through and write down your answers. We look forward to hearing what God is showing you.


GTKY-1: What is your favorite restaurant and what is your favorite dish?

GTKY-2: When you were a teenager or young adult what career or job did you dream about pursuing?

1.) Pastor Caleb proposed three barriers to evangelism; inconvenience, inefficiency and ineffectiveness perhaps you have one you could add some of your own. What is your biggest hurdle when it comes to sharing the gospel?
2). How would you define your in-group? (the people you most feel comfortable talking with or spending time with) What do you have in common? (For example gender, common interest, work, politics, stage in life)
3.) Have you ever been a witness too or had a personal experience with discrimination or someone’s “out-group” bias? If so how did that impact you?
4) We all have an out-group, who would you consider your personal Samaritans? – the last people or type of person with whom you’d least feel comfortable sharing the gospel with? What experiences helped shape this? (trauma, culture, negative experience)
5.) Caleb talked about the importance of humility in sharing the gospel. He challenged us to see ourselves through the lens of the Samaritan. How does this help you practice humility in your life and in what ways do you still need to grow in humility?
6.) The woman at the well had a soul thirst she tried to fill that we all have experienced. What are some ways God has satisfied your soul’s thirst that you can share with others so that they will want to come meet Jesus too? Who is one person we can pray for with you that God might be calling you to share that with?