Week of 12/3/18


  1. Angela C. – my grandma’s test results said she doesn’t have Parkinson’s. Thank you all for praying!!


  1. Samaritan’s Purse – https://www.samaritanspurse.org/ – (Franklin Graham, Robert Vasquez) global outreach to hurting people; Operation Christmas Child shoebox outreach in November.
  2. Our Outreach Ministry – http://calvaryfullerton.org/ministries/outreach/food-outreach/ – the next Monthly Food Outreach on December 15.
  3. Mexico Outreach – http://calvaryfullerton.org/ministries/outreach/missions/ – (Manuel & Jennifer Castro) – for God to use our church in the short term trips to Mexico.
  4. Harvest Crusade – http://www.harvest.org/crusades/ – (Greg Laurie, John Collins, Daniel Grant) – Wisdom for the leadership team. That God would use our church to reach lost people.  For those who made decisions at the crusades.
  5. Calvary Chapel Kirov – https://www.facebook.com/CalvaryChapelKirovoChepetsk – pray for Pastor Alexi, his wife Natasha, children Ilya, Olesya, and Alexandra.  The weekly Bible Study in Kirov on Sundays at noon. The outreach Bible Study going on in the neighboring city of Kirovo-chepetsk on Sundays at 4pm.  Natasha’s dad has just been diagnosed with cancer.
  6. Jeff and Jenny Crandall – http://worshipcatalyst.com/  – serving with Worship Catalyst ministries.  Mentoring worship leaders. Raising support.
  7. Fullerton ACT – http://fullertonact.org/ – churches in Fullerton collaborating to meet the needs of hurting people in the community.
  8. Jeff & Sonja Stewart (Josephine, Asher) – https://www.lavignemissions.com/ – missionaries to France.  Have just relocated to the town of Vernon, France.  Have just planted a church there (Calvary Chapel Normandy). Learning the language. Raising support.
  9. John & Jamie Kim (Joshua, Jeremiah, Joel) – http://www.yesdaddy.org/– A ministry to orphans on Jeju Island in South Korea.  Their vision is to disciple older orphans and then send them as missionaries to places that others can’t go.


  1. Darnell S. – for Elijah, 14, says he doesn’t believe in God
  2. Dennis P. – for Michele, really needs Jesus.
  3. Tony M. – Jay, Beth, John, Chris, Sean, Tim & family
  4. Daniel G. – for Doug
  5. Sean F. – for Sienna, that she accepts God into her heart and live her life for him.
  6. Ernie F. – for Shawna (friend Gary’s daughter), that her heart is softened, and she returns to the Lord.
  7. Laurie D. – for Chris, Gail, Jonathon, Janice, Marie
  8. Peter Br. – for father Arlen, friend Shelly
  9. Peter Bo. – for Lestat (son) and Christen (daughter)
  10. Alice B.  – for my son, Fremio, and his wife Pam (Jewish)
  11. Anonymous – for my girlfriend, Rachel, and her father, Stanley, that they will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  12. Rich – V., Jimmy
  13. Rigo & Ruthy M. – for Tiffany, Tyler and our other kids.


  1. Elinor W. – for healing and God’s direction. I have a spot on my brain and need a second MRI.
  2. Genesis R. – for my brother, James, he seems to be struggling and is choosing to isolate himself, refusing help and support. He is lost and hurting.
  3. Margo R. – for my health and my upcoming doctor’s appointment to determine if I need another throat surgery.
  4. Diane M. – for my husband, Bill, that he will get the help he needs for his PTSD, and please pray for mending of my broken heart. Thank you!
  5. Johanna L. – for my son’s health and development. For a healthy pregnancy and for it to go full term!
  6. Mary H. – for continued recovery from surgery. Also, that I get the job that I applied for, if it is the right one for me.
  7. Irene H. – diagnosed with anemia. Further testing in one month.
  8. Irene H. – back surgery has been scheduled for Jan 10 @ 9:30am. Pray it goes well and for her recovery after surgery.
  9. Olivia H. – for Brandon S.  He has rededicated his life to Jesus.  He needs Jesus to help him deal with the flashbacks and nightmares.  Doesn’t have many visitors and is very lonely. Next court date is in Nov 2018.
  10. Chris H. – for my cousin, Ray, and his wife, Bre, that Jesus heals Bre from her breast cancer and from the pain it has caused.
  11. Sandy G. – having chemo for cancer.  Lots of pain.
  12. Neil G. – for healing of shoulder and knee. Wisdom for the doctors to find the proper treatment. Also, he has trouble sleeping.
  13. Neil G. – (1) that our roof makes it through the winter. (2) applied for a new driver’s license and it was lost in the mail. Pray it doesn’t get into the wrong hands and that someone will return it.
  14. Gary E. – for my wife, Jessica. She has hardened her heart toward God and me. She refuses to heed the counsel of Godly friends, has left me, and filed for divorce.  She is struggling with depression, anxiety etc. I have forgiven her and am convinced that God wants to heal our relationship.
  15. Bridget E. – for Brenda C. and family. Her mother is in hospice care in Las Vegas and Brenda has gone to be with her. Also, her daughter had surgery and is at Brenda’s house recovering.
  16. Cheryl D. – for better understanding of the Word and the desire to carry it out.
  17. Laurie D. – for friend Sue T. who has had a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer and has now been diagnosed with breast cancer, too. Help with chemo side effects. Recovery from surgery.
  18. Rita C. – for upcoming cataract surgery 12/5.
  19. Sarah C. – for my grandpa, Louis (89yrs) … He’s not doing well. We’re worried he won’t make it to the holidays.  Pray for wisdom and peace for my family as we prepare for the inevitable.
  20. Rich C  – For our service members protecting our country.
  21. Peter Br. – my unemployment benefits will end next month and I need a job so I can keep my apartment. Pray also for my migraines to stop.
  22. Brooke V. – for me to continue to trust in God, His promises and guidance in my life. That God be present and first in my very troubled marriage.
  23. Nicki B. – Diagnosed with a large, aggressive abdominal tumor. Starting treatment soon and asking the Lord to shrink or remove the tumor, so that the surgery might be less dangerous. Pray also for the family.
  24. Lynn B. – for our nation, Pastor Rich and his family, church members, church’s financial stability, and for my marriage and family. Prayers for the victims of the fires, the first responders, and the fire department. Prayers for all our veterans.
  25. Anonymous  – my glaucoma is severe.  Doctors say I’m going blind.  May the LORD have mercy on me!
  26. Anonymous – my ex wife has moved and will not give me an address, so I can’t visit my daughter.
  27. Jonathan – for complete healing of left shoulder and liver.
  28. Anonymous – for Sean H. because of continued health problems and drug use.
  29. Gregg  cancer, heart complications, recovery from stroke
  30. Van & Susan H. – for Susan’s mom, Angie…in a convalescent hospital, not doing very well.
  31. Rigo & Ruthy M. – for R & R Business (a business we just started); for mom and her health; for my niece, Vanessa, who is getting married 11/24/18.
  32. Gri & Michael W. – both are being treated for cancer. Fatigue and insomnia have been a struggle.
  33. Ada & Ernie F. – for daughter Natalie (tongue cancer)… She’s having difficulty with the new mouth piece (pain, choking, panic attacks). The cancer is still in the nerve, but it has not spread.
  34. Tony & Becca M. – In the final stages to be approved for fostering and adoption after over a year.  Home inspection and home study are complete.  Please pray for the final written report, for the safety of the baby boy or girl that is in need of a secure, loving home, and for God’s will, wisdom, and guidance in our family through this process.  Thank you!


  1. Church Secretaries (Laurie Dunagan, Lisa Schwimmer, Hannah Stewart)
  2. Servant School (Caleb Beller, Dave Ritner, Rich Cathers)
  3. Convalescent Outreach (Ron & Connie West)
  4. For our church to be marked by our love for Jesus, our dependence upon His grace, our love for one another, our study of God’s Word, and the power of His Spirit.
  5. Thursday night studies (Caleb)
  6. Thursday Night Pioneer Clubs (Sarah Cathers)
  7. Sunday morning studies (Rich, Caleb)
  8. Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry teachers (Nursery-Fifth grade)
  9. Audio-Visual Ministry (Warren Fassbinder)
  10. Children’s Ministry (Sarah Cathers)
  11. Mexico Ministry (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
  12. Ladies’ Ministry (Debby Cathers)
  13. Men’s Ministry (Dave Ritner)
  14. Coffee ministry (Daniel Grant)
  15. Searchlight Ministries (Our landlords – Pastor Mark, Larry, elders)
  16. Worship Ministries (David Cathers)
  17. Ushers/Parking Lot (Tom & Kathy Franz, Steve Silagi)
  18. The James Gang – addiction recovery ministry (Daniel Grant)
  19. Orange Hope Church (pastor Daniel Yi, our Korean church co-renter)
  20. Jr. High School Group (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
  21. Sr. High School Group (Daniel Grant)
  22. Helping Hands (Lisa Schwimmer)
  23. College Group (Caleb & Kim Beller)
  24. That God would use our church to help believers find their ministry and serve Jesus.
  25. That God would use our church to faithfully equip the saints for ministry
  26. That God would use our church to reach the LOST in Fullerton
  27. Home Fellowships
  28. Young Family Fellowship (Daniel & Laura Grant)
  29. Couple-ship Connection (Greg and Lauren Bird)
  30. Guitar Class (Peter Bright)
  31. Operation Christmas Child (Robert Vasquez, Daniel Grant)
  32. Calvary Chapel Logos (our sister Spanish Fellowship – pastor Franklin Garcia)
  33. Vision and direction for our church – staying on track with the Lord
  34. Church Accounting Ministry (Debby Cathers, Steve Silagi, Lisa Schwimmer)
  35. For a permanent home/building for the church.
  36. Monthly 2nd Harvest Food Outreach (Daniel Grant)
  37. Elders (Steve Silagi, Bill Schwimmer, Paul Johnson, Tom Franz, Dave Dunagan, David Chang, Rich Cathers, Chris Burroughs, Caleb Beller)

We will keep your request on the list for at least two months, unless you notify the church of any changes or updates to the prayer requests.