Week of 6-10-19

For the week of 6/11/2019


  1. Jeff & Sonja Stewart (Josephine, Asher) – https://www.lavignemissions.com/ – missionaries to France.  Have just relocated to the town of Vernon, France.  Have just planted a church there (L’Eglise Trouvée). Looking for a new building to meet in. Learning the language. Raising support. 
  2. John & Jamie Kim (Joshua, Jeremiah, Joel) – http://www.yesorphan.org/ – A ministry to orphans on Jeju Island in South Korea.  Their vision is to disciple older orphans and then send them as missionaries to places that others can’t go.
  3. Samaritan’s Purse – https://www.samaritanspurse.org/ – (Franklin Graham, Robert Vasquez) global outreach to hurting people; Operation Christmas Child shoebox outreach in November. 
  4. Harvest Crusade – http://www.harvest.org/crusades/ – (Greg Laurie, John Collins, Daniel Grant) – Wisdom for the leadership team. That God would use our church to reach lost people.  For those who made decisions at the crusades.  This year’s Crusade in Anaheim is August 23-25.
  5. Mexico Outreach – http://calvaryfullerton.org/ministries/outreach/missions/ – (Manuel & Jennifer Castro) – for God to use our church in the short term trips to Mexico.  Next trip is June 7-9.
  6. Ryan and Julie Gleason – https://pioneerbible.org/give/ryanandjuliegleason – getting ready to launch into southeast Asia to plant a church and translate the Bible into a language that has no Bible.
  7. Jeff and Jenny Crandall – http://worshipcatalyst.com/  – serving with Worship Catalyst ministries.  Mentoring worship leaders around the country, focusing on church planters. Raising support.
  8. Calvary Chapel Kirov – https://www.facebook.com/CalvaryChapelKirovoChepetsk – pray for Pastor Alexi, his wife Natasha, children Ilya, Olesya, and Alexandra.  The weekly Bible Study in Kirov on Sundays at noon. The outreach Bible Study going on in the neighboring city of Kirovo-chepetsk on Sundays at 4pm.
  9. Our Outreach Ministry – http://calvaryfullerton.org/ministries/outreach/food-outreach/ – the next Monthly Food Outreach on June 18.


  1. Rich – V., Jimmy
  2. Rigo & Ruthy M. – for Tiffany, Tyler and our other kids.
  3. Anonymous – for my girlfriend, Rachel, and her father, Stanley, that they will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  4. Hannah S. -for Delon, Kai, Mari, Nathan and my other friends. 
  5. Alice B.  – for my son, Fremio, and his wife Pam (Jewish)
  6. Daniel G. – for Doug
  7. Dennis P. – for Michele, really needs Jesus.
  8. Ernie F. – for Shawna (friend Gary’s daughter), that her heart is softened, and she returns to the Lord.
  9. Laurie D. – for Chris, Gail, Jonathon, Janice, Marie
  10. Peter Bo. – for Lestat (son) and Christen (daughter)
  11. Peter Br. – for father Arlen, friend Shelly
  12. Rosalie B. – Bronson 
  13. Yvonne M. – Please pray for salvation for Mat, Emily, Jodie, Jade, and Kari, and that the rest of the family would choose to live the life of true believers and be light and salt in our world.
  14. Tony M. – Jay, Beth, John, Chris, Sean, Tim & family
  15. Darnell S. – for Elijah, 14, says he doesn’t believe in God
  16. Sean F. – for Sienna, that she accepts God into her heart and live her life for him.


  1. Gri & Michael W. – both are being treated for cancer. Fatigue and insomnia have been a struggle.
  2. Anonymous – Thank you for healing and refocus on God. Heal Kayla from her car accident. Heal my mom and cousin Bre. Bless and speak to the Grant family. 
  3. Hannah S. -Pray for my friend to know fully what it means that Jesus loves her and wants more for her than the life she has chosen.  
  4. Elinor W. -Please pray for Bob O., my brother in law. He is not doing well. 
  5. Steve Turner – Pray for my son Chris who is having neck surgery. 
  6. Warren F -Please pray for my friend Justin he is being attacked by the devil and is wanting to serve the Lord. He possibly broke his right foot. Please pray for Gods protection for our ministry group as we go out serving the Lord to proclaim the Gospel and win the lost to Jesus.
  7. Ana B. -My mom is in the hospital and in isolation. She has C. diff-contagious disease. It can be life threatening. Medication not working, might need surgery. Please pray that she responds to the medicine. 
  8. Anonymous  – my glaucoma is severe.  Doctors say I’m going blind.  May the LORD have mercy on me! The doctor is now concerned because it looks like my right eye had a retina detached, but it healed itself.  I keep seeing through prisms in the right eye as well.
  9. Michael Carter -Doctors have discovered a benign tumor behind my eye, they want to remove it. Please pray they can remove the entire tumor with surgery so I will not have to do radiation. 
  10. Laurie D. -Has a separated shoulder, will start physical therapy. Please pray for healing. 
  11. Sue F. -Good mental health for my nephew, freedom from anger, and salvation for him and his family. 
  12. Anonymous – for Jake, dealing with a rare, life-threatening disease and anemia. Please heal him and help him get care to prevent it from progressing. He knows Jesus.
  13. Anonymous  -Pray for a family who is in trouble. 
  14. Ada & Ernie F. – for daughter Natalie (tongue cancer).  She’s having difficulty with the new mouth piece (pain, choking, panic attacks). The cancer is still in the nerve, but it has not spread.
  15. Gregg  – cancer, heart complications, recovery from stroke.
  16. Hannah S. – For my sister Grace. Her parasites are gone, but now she has chemical & heavy metal poisoning. Pray for a quick healing. 
  17. Nancy B.  – Praise God that my brother Mike’s heart is doing better, and now he is ready for his knee replacement in June.  Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery, and new life in Christ.
  18. Olivia H. – Please pray for Brandon S; he has been at Theo Lacy for almost 2 years and his case is stale. May he find his comfort in Jesus alone during the wait. 
  19. Diane McKinney -Pray for the seniors of Rancho La Paz Mobile Home Park. New owner increasing rent, unaffordable. Many must sell homes and have nowhere to go. Pray for peace. 
  20. Sandy G. – having chemo for cancer.  Lots of pain.
  21. Hannah S. – For my friend, Micha, diagnosed with lymphoma. Tumor is mostly gone, pray for him as he has a few more radiation treatments. Pray that he can recognize the Spirit working in his life and develop a deeper more intimate relationship with Jesus. 
  22. Heather W. – for brother-in-law, Jesse, doctor said things look good so far. Pray that his vision clears completely, he can see a little better out of it right now. 
  23. Rod N. – Please pray that I will find joy.
  24. Amy Smith -Please pray for my sister Jennifer, that she will get plugged into some godly fellowship and church. 
  25. Rich C  – For our service members protecting our country.
  26. Nicki B. – Diagnosed with a large, aggressive abdominal tumor. Starting treatment soon and asking the Lord to shrink or remove the tumor, so that the surgery might be less dangerous. Pray also for the family.


  1. That God would use our church to help believers find their ministry and serve Jesus.
  2. That God would use our church to faithfully equip the saints for ministry
  3. That God would use our church to reach the LOST in Fullerton
  4. For our church to be marked by our love for Jesus, our dependence upon His grace, our love for one another, our study of God’s Word, and the power of His Spirit.
  5. Church Secretary (Hannah Stewart)
  6. Men’s Ministry (Dave Ritner)
  7. Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry teachers (Nursery-Fifth grade)
  8. Searchlight Ministries (Our landlords – Pastor Mark, elders)
  9. For a permanent home/building for the church.
  10. Jr. High School Group (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
  11. Sr. High School Group (Daniel Grant)
  12. Coffee ministry (Daniel Grant)
  13. Vision and direction for our church – staying on track with the Lord
  14. Monthly 2nd Harvest Food Outreach (Daniel Grant)
  15. Audio-Visual Ministry (Warren Fassbinder)
  16. Thursday Night Kids Club (Sarah Cathers)
  17. Children’s Ministry (Sarah Cathers)
  18. Ladies’ Ministry (Debby Cathers)
  19. Worship Ministries (David Cathers)
  20. Guitar Class (Peter Bright)
  21. Elders (Steve Silagi, Bill Schwimmer, Paul Johnson, Tom Franz, David Chang, Rich Cathers, Chris Burroughs, Caleb Beller)
  22. Servant School (Caleb Beller, Lyle Burley, Rich Cathers)
  23. Couple-ship Connection (Greg and Lauren Bird)
  24. Operation Christmas Child (Robert Vasquez, Daniel Grant)
  25. Sunday morning studies (Rich, Caleb)
  26. Orange Hope Church (pastor Daniel Yi, our Korean church co-renter)
  27. Calvary Chapel Logos (our sister Spanish Fellowship – pastor Franklin Garcia)
  28. Church Accounting Ministry (Debby Cathers, Steve Silagi, Hannah Stewart)
  29. Young Family Fellowship (Daniel & Laura Grant)
  30. Thursday night studies (Caleb)
  31. College Group (Caleb & Kim Beller)
  32. Ushers/Parking Lot (Tom & Kathy Franz, Steve Silagi)
  33. Mexico Ministry (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
  34. Convalescent Outreach (Ron & Connie West, Peter Bright)
  35. Helping Hands (Noah & Becky Fredrickson)
  36. The James Gang – addiction recovery ministry (Daniel Grant)
  37. Home Fellowships

We will keep your request on the list for at least two months, unless you notify the church of any changes or updates to the prayer requests.