Week of 3-16-2020


  1. Hannah S. – For my sister Grace. Been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. 
  2. Ada & Ernie F. – for daughter Natalie (tongue cancer).  She’s having difficulty with the new mouthpiece (pain, choking, panic attacks). The cancer is still in the nerve, but it has not spread.
  3. Neil & Barbara G. – We are both sick, please be praying. 
  4. Gri & Michael W. – both are being treated for cancer. Fatigue and insomnia have been a struggle.
  5. Daniel G. – Broke and dislocated my clavicle. Pray for our family as we juggle my recovery and the last few weeks of Laura’s pregnancy. Pray for peace. 
  6. Nicki B. – Diagnosed with a large, aggressive abdominal tumor. Starting treatment soon and asking the Lord to shrink or remove the tumor, so that the surgery might be less dangerous. Pray also for the family.
  7. Darnell S. -Pray for Diana who is pregnant, 8 ½ months. Pray that she has a healthy birth and keeps her baby. And that the father will step up and do the right thing. 
  8. Rich – For direction, open doors, and provision as the church prepares to relocate by 7/25/20.
  9. Rich C  – For our service members protecting our country.
  10. Anonymous – Please pray for our family friend who needs healing of her arm from a vaccine injury, as well as financial provision and possible legal help
  11. Randy Y. – Pray for my five-yr. old granddaughter Lucy, She has Influenza A. Was having seizures and had to go to the hospital in Seattle. 
  12. Peter Br.  -Non Christian family is coming apart, constant yelling before their 2 young children. 18 year old daughter loves Jesus and her parents fighting is tearing her apart. Father may be doing drugs, mother putting father down to her children.
  13. Peter Bo. – I have a distance learning class on Tuesday. On the computer at work 10-2am. And computer stuff freaks me out. Pray God will help me test well and pass this class. It is essential that I do. Thank you for your prayers and support!
  14. Gemina D. – Pray for me as I seek God for how to handle a specific friendship in which I have made mistakes in the past. I don’t want to repeat mistakes. Pray God answers me as I pray and fast this week. 
  15. Lynn B. -Prayer for the church, prayer for our family (children & grandchildren), prayer for our friends and their families who need God. Prayers for the election. Prayers for Kobe’s family and all the families that are grieving. Prayers for my husband and I as we walk with God. 
  16. Lori B. – I’m asking if the church can pray for my Son. He lives in Seattle Washington. City is shut down due to the virus. And also, my daughter. She’s a flight attendant working among large groups.
  17. Stephen R. -Please Pray that I have the wisdom to know how to handle my works requirement to use gender neutral language at all times. 
  18. Luke O. – Pray for healing from internal bleeding and wisdom tooth pain. 
  19. Lori B. -Please pray for my sister, Donna, she is living with a quarter of a lung and having complications breathing. She has COPD and Emphysema. Now back at home under hospice care.
  20. Kimberly C. -Please pray for all 29 of my students. They live in a very poor area and struggle. Pray for one specific student who really needs to be touched by God. 
  21. Irene G. -Please pray for Alfredo, He has been lost in the world for five years. Pray God brings my son back. 
  22. Gene T. -Please pray for my son, Phillip, who is in the Army, he is in Qatar and will be there for six months. 
  23. Fernhiel L. -Pray for my grandmother Virginia. There is something wrong with her liver, have not heard specifics from the doctor yet. Pray for good health and recovery. 
  24. Ernie F. -Pray for Brody diagnosed with a rare medical condition, called Pfeiffer syndrome. He is six years old, in the hospital now. 
  25. Bridget E. – Pray for healing from Jan. 23 shoulder surgery, and patience for my caregiver, Lee. 
  26. Anonymous -Please pray for God to heal my digestive system, endocrine system. That the Lord strengthen my heart, spirit, mind, and my emotions in the process. May I grow closer to Him. 
  27. Anonymous  – my glaucoma is severe.  Doctors say I’m going blind.  May the LORD have mercy on me! The doctor is now concerned because it looks like my right eye had a retina detached, but it healed itself.  I keep seeing through prisms in the right eye as well.
  28. Gregg  – cancer, heart complications, recovery from stroke.
  29. Elaine G. -Family in Idaho: mother of Kirsten w/ twins. Sheri has been diagnosed with a rheumatoid disorder called Guillain Barre syndrome where the blood cells attack the nerves & patient becomes paralyzed. She has had two blood cleaning transfusions and another on Monday. 
  30. Rosalie B. – For June Petit, has cancer in advanced stages. Pray for healing. 
  31. Peter B. – Please keep my Mom in your prayers, she said she thinks Jesus is taking her home today. My sisters & I prayed about it and we all felt that the Lord said she is not; she is having more memory lapses and is in pain
  32. Alyssa W. -That I keep Christ first & then my sobriety from alcohol second. 
  33. Olivia H. – Please pray for Brandon S; he has been at Theo Lacy for almost 2 years. His next court date is February 14, 2020.  Pray for God’s will and peace during this time. 
  34. Nancy B. – Please pray for Chris’s Uncle Pete, who has leukemia and kidney failure.  He also needs salvation.
  35. Margo R. – Please pray for my sister Christy who is suffering from depression and anxiety. Pray for the Lord’s strength and mercy on her heart and mind. 
  36. Ernie & Ada – Pray for my mom who Is now home convalescing. For our daughter Natalie, praying no spread of cancer results from PET scan. 
  37. Brandon -Pray that God provides the right vehicle. I have about a week to replace my car and find something reliable I can afford. 
  38. Ernie F. -friend Johnny’s son in law DJ hit a pedestrian with his truck this morning on his way to work. The pedestrian died at the scene. His father is on hospice care. His grandma dying of brain cancer, him and his wife are separating.
  39. Elaine G. – Has the flu and is worse than last week even after seeing the doctor twice and getting antibiotics. 
  40. Donna E. -Please help us pray if its God’s will for us to continue coming to this church, we love it here so far. We want to know if God wants us to make this church our home. 
  41. Neil Gu.  – was turned down for disability, will have to find a lawyer and reapply. 
  42. Hannah S. -The doctors were finally able to diagnose my illness. Pray for wisdom as I begin my treatment plan and adjust things in my daily life. Pray for me for courage, strength, and trust in God. 


  1. Worship Ministries (David Cathers)
  2. Women’s Ministry (Kim Beller)
  3. Men’s Ministry (Dave Ritner)
  4. Guitar Class (Peter Bright)
  5. Coffee ministry (Daniel Grant)
  6. Church Secretary (Hannah Stewart)
  7. Children’s Ministry (Sarah Cathers)
  8. Searchlight Ministries (Our landlords – Pastor Mark, elders)
  9. Young Family Fellowship (Daniel & Laura Grant)
  10. Sr. High School Group (Daniel Grant)
  11. Jr. High School Group (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
  12. Thursday Night Kids Club (Sarah Cathers)
  13. The James Gang – addiction recovery ministry (Daniel Grant)
  14. For our church to be marked by our love for Jesus, our dependence upon His grace, our love for one another, our study of God’s Word, and the power of His Spirit.
  15. Helping Hands (Noah & Becky Fredrickson)
  16. Sunday morning studies (Caleb Beller)
  17. Home Fellowships/Connect Groups (Caleb Beller)
  18. Convalescent Outreach (Ron & Connie West, Peter Bright)
  19. Orange Hope Church (pastor Daniel Yi, our Korean church co-renters)
  20. Audio-Visual Ministry (Brandon Robertson, Felipe Castillo)
  21. For a permanent home/building for the church. We will need to move from current property by 7/25/20
  22. Mexico Ministry (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
  23. Elders (Steve Silagi, Paul Johnson, Tom Franz, CJ Del Balso, David Chang, Rich Cathers, Art Cardenas, Chris Burroughs, Lyle Burley, Caleb Beller)
  24. Ushers/Parking Lot (Tom & Kathy Franz, David Chang)
  25. College Group (Caleb & Kim Beller)
  26. Couple-ship Connection (Greg and Lauren Bird)
  27. Church Accounting Ministry (Ramzey Mansour, Steve Silagi, Hannah Stewart)
  28. Vision and direction for our church – staying on track with the Lord
  29. That God would use our church to help believers find their ministry and serve Jesus.
  30. That God would use our church to faithfully equip the saints for ministry
  31. That God would use our church to reach the LOST in Fullerton
  32. Monthly 2nd Harvest Food Outreach (Daniel Grant)
  33. Servant School (Caleb Beller, Rich Cathers)
  34. Calvary Chapel Logos (our sister Spanish Fellowship – pastor Franklin Garcia)
  35. Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry teachers (Nursery-Fifth grade)
  36. Operation Christmas Child (Robert Vasquez, Daniel Grant)


  1. Ryan and Julie Gleason – https://pioneerbible.org/give/ryanandjuliegleason – getting ready to launch into southeast Asia to plant a church and translate the Bible into a language that currently has no Bible.
  2. Rod & Zuzana Thompson – https://crossculturemissions.com – working out of the Calvary Chapel in Montebelluna, Italy to establish a Bible College and equip future pastors and leaders throughout Europe. 
  3. Samaritan’s Purse – https://www.samaritanspurse.org/ – (Franklin Graham, Robert Vasquez) global outreach to hurting people; Operation Christmas Child shoebox outreach in November. 
  4. Mexico Outreach – http://calvaryfullerton.org/ministries/outreach/missions/ – (Manuel & Jennifer Castro) – for God to use our church in the short term trips to Mexico.  Next trips are September 11-13 & December 12.
  5. Jeff and Jenny Crandall – http://worshipcatalyst.com/  – serving with Worship Catalyst ministries.  Mentoring worship leaders around the country, focusing on church planters. Raising support.
  6. Harvest Crusade – http://www.harvest.org/crusades/ – (Greg Laurie, John Collins, Neil Groom) – Wisdom for the leadership team. That God would use our church to reach lost people.  For those who made decisions at the crusades.  Pray for the next Anaheim Crusade on August 7-9, 2020.
  7. Jeff & Sonja Stewart (Josephine, Asher) – https://www.lavignemissions.com/ – missionaries to France.  Have planted a church in the town of Vernon, France (L’Eglise Trouvée). Have settled into a new building to meet in. Learning the language. Raising support. 
  8. John & Jamie Kim (Joshua, Jeremiah, Joel) – http://www.yesorphan.org/ – A ministry to orphans on Jeju Island in South Korea.  Their vision is to disciple older orphans and then send them as missionaries to places that others can’t go. John is currently recovering from shoulder surgery.
  9. Our Outreach Ministry – http://calvaryfullerton.org/ministries/outreach/food-outreach/ – the next Monthly Food Outreach on March 21.
  10. Calvary Chapel Kirov – https://www.facebook.com/CalvaryChapelKirovoChepetsk – pray for Pastor Alexi, his wife Natasha, children Ilya, Olesya, and Alexandra.  The weekly Bible Study in Kirov on Sundays at noon. The outreach Bible Study going on in the neighboring city of Kirovo-chepetsk on Sundays at 4pm.


It’s time for a “reset” of this section.  Every couple of years we clear it out and ask you to resubmit your requests for those you are praying will be saved.  It’s important that those in this section are really those that we all are regularly praying for.

  1. Daniel  – Doug
  2. Nancy B. – Pete
  3. Rozalie – for Bronson (30)
  4. Anonymous – Carmen and Terry. Both terminally ill. 
  5. Peter B.  – Arlen, my father (91). Judy, my catholic stepmom. 
  6. Rich  – V., Jimmy
  7. Irene H. – salvation for Diana, Carlos, and Marty Martinez. 

We will keep your request on the list for at least two months, unless you notify the church of any changes or updates to the prayer requests.