The people of God had reached a point in their history where they were going to be facing a difficult time of judgment.  God needed a special man who would speak clearly about God’s heart and God’s plans.  When the people awoke from their complacency, they would need someone who had pointed the way back home.  And Jeremiah was that man.  We can look back at the ministry of Jeremiah and see how vital his role was in history.  But at the time, Jeremiah had a hard time seeing that his life had any value at all.  He’d give a serious warning (Jer. 20:3) only to have someone takes his words and use them to mock him (Jer. 20:10).  Jeremiah was threatened, beaten, and thrown into prison.  Very few people seemed to understand the seriousness of the nation’s situation. 

At times, this was simply too much for Jeremiah and he fell into despair.  He found himself wishing he had never been born (Jer. 20:14).  How did Jeremiah keep going?  Jeremiah wrote, “But the Lord is with me as a mighty, awesome One” (Jer. 20:11).  He could keep going because he clung to the One who would not let him down.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to see ourselves the way that God sees us.  Sometimes we think that we’re not that important.  When life is filled with opposition, we too can entertain the same kinds of thoughts of despair that Jeremiah had.  But what if God thinks that you’re just the right person for what He wants to do?  What if you’re exactly what God is looking for?  Don’t give up.  Cling to the mighty, awesome One.  He won’t let you down.