Your word is very pure; Therefore Your servant loves it. (Psa 119:140 NKJV)
The Psalmist gives us one of his many reasons for loving God’s Word.  The Hebrew word translated “pure” is a goldsmith’s term used to describe metal that has been refined, having all the impurities removed.  It describes something that has been “tested” and proven to be true. In our nation, we have a governmental agency that “tests” new drugs before allowing the public to use them.  When a doctor prescribes something for my blood pressure, I want something that has been proven safe and effective.  Am I looking for help in life?  Am I looking for answers?  God’s Word has been proven safe and effective.  Some of the saints of yesteryear would write the initials “T” and “P” in the margins of their Bible next to the passages they had “tested” and “proved”.  You too will love God’s Word if you’ll put it to the test.

There’s another thing about God’s “pure” Word that I love as well.  When I wash the dishes, I have found that the dishes come out cleaner if I use pure, clean water.  When I turn on the shower, I expect pure water, not sewer water to come out. My point is that cleansing only takes place when you’ve got something pure to wash in.  Now I don’t know about you, but I find that just living in America can easily fill your mind with filthy thoughts.  TV may be a fun way to spend an hour, but sometimes I feel like I’ve just bathed in sewer water.  God has a better way to wash us.  God’s Word can clean the dirtiest of minds.  The more of God’s Word I get into my brain, the cleaner my thoughts. I just love that, don’t you?