Now the word of the LORD came to Jonah the second time … (Jonah 3:1 NKJV)
He didn’t want to go in the first place.  He hated those evil Assyrians that lived in Nineveh.  They deserved God’s judgment.  And to think that God seemed reluctant to wipe them out! You know the story – the first time God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, he refused.  After spending a couple of days in a fish, Jonah gave in.  But as the story continues, I sense that Jonah was still quite reluctant to be a part of God’s mercy to the Assyrians.  In fact, when God showed mercy to Nineveh, Jonah had the gall to get mad at God!

Sometimes we agonize over whether we’re doing God’s work well enough.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think we ought to serve the Lord with excellence.  I don’t think we ought to give God our second best. But sometimes we get to thinking that the results of the work depend on how well we perform.  In reality, the results of the work depend on the power of the Word we speak, and the type of hearts that it comes in contact with (Mat. 13:23).  Our biggest part in God’s work seems to simply be available to go where God sends us.  Don’t forget that Jonah was a key part of one of the biggest revivals in the history of the world, and he wasn’t a very nice person.

Here’s the point:  Is God asking you to do something, go somewhere, or say something?  You may not sense the importance of what He’s asking you to do.  You may not think you’ve got the right words to say.  You may not think your heart is right.  Just do it.  Let God take care of the results.