The things Jesus taught were so strange (Mat. 5).  A speaker can get into trouble with his audience if he doesn’t talk about things that people want to hear.  We all want “happiness”, and Jesus taught about the path to true “happiness”.  That’s what it means to be “blessed”.  It means to be happy.  But the path Jesus lay out for happiness was not the direction you’d expect Him to take.

I think you have to admit that secretly we’ve all wanted at some time to be “wealthy”.  Yet Jesus taught that true happiness comes from being “poor” in spirit.  We all want a life of “comfort and joy”, yet Jesus taught that true happiness would come to those who “mourn” because they will be the ones receiving God’s comfort.  I think that if you were honest with me, you’d have to admit that we all like to be the center of everyone’s attention.  Who doesn’t want everyone thinking they’re great?  Yet Jesus taught that true happiness would come to the “meek”, not the proud.  No one likes to be hungry, yet Jesus taught that true happiness would come to those who are “hungry” and “thirsty” for God’s righteousness.  I think there’s something in us that longs for “justice”, when the bad guys get what’s coming to them.  We love a good action flick where the fellow that’s been abused gets even.  Yet Jesus said true happiness comes to the one who is merciful.

Are you looking for true happiness?  It’s something that God wants for your life.  God wants to bless you.  But I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve really understood how to be truly happy.  I hope you don’t mind if I echo Tiny Tim from Dicken’s Christmas Carol: “God bless us, everyone.”  Really blessed.