The Promised Land is where God wants you to be.  It’s the Christian life lived as it was meant to live.  It’s a life different from the world.  It’s living in a land that is fruitful.  As Joshua (Hebrew for Jesus) took the people in, there are some beautiful pictures for us to learn from.

After the Israelites crossed the Jordan, they had to stop and be circumcised (Josh. 5).  None of the men born in the wilderness had ever been circumcised.  Before God gives victory in the Promised Land, there needs to be a cutting away of the flesh, a dying to our sin nature.  I find it interesting that they were circumcised after they crossed the Jordan.  It would leave them vulnerable to the enemy while they were healing.  But circumcision comes after crossing – you don’t clean up your life before you come to Jesus – you come to Jesus and He will clean up your life.  Victory comes through weakness.  Victory comes through death.

After they were circumcised, Joshua had a visitor, the “Commander” of God’s army.  Joshua wanted to know if this person (I believe it might have been Jesus Himself) was on their “side” or not.  The Commander responded, “No, but as Commander of the army of the LORD I have now come” (Josh. 5:14).  And in response to this, Joshua fell on his face and worshipped.  What was happening here? Sometimes I think that conquering the enemies in my life requires getting God on my side.  But victory comes when I get on God’s side.  God isn’t my servant, I need to be God’s servant.

Two steps toward victory.  I need to die to myself.  I need to live for God.