Day 01-02 – November 6,7 (Sunday, Monday)

We got off to an early start on Sunday morning.  The groups from Calvary Chapel Fullerton and Calvary Chapel Anaheim met the airport at 5:30am.  We got our boarding passes, checked our bags, went through security, and settled in to wait at our gate for our 8:30am flight.  It was beginning to rain at LAX.  Some of us got breakfast at McDonald’s while we waited.  Five hours flying to Philadelphia on a no frills U.S. Airways flight (no meals served, no movie).  This was followed by a five hour layover.  The groups scattered through the airport to get some dinner.  We met up with the groups from Calvary Chapel Fremont, and last of all, Countryside Christian Fellowship from Eugene, Oregon, barely making it in to Philadelphia before it was time to board the next flight.

The group from Countryside had been travelling since 3:00pm the previous day.  After another security check, we all settled into our seats on the huge U.S. Airways Airbus 330 bound for Tel Aviv, Israel.  Much different flight on a much larger plane.  Each seat had a video screen with lots of movie choices.  We were served a dinner at the beginning of the flight and breakfast at the end of the flight.  Eleven hours in the air to Tel Aviv.  I think I got about 2-3 hours of sleep.  We were met at the airport by our tour guide Miriam.  We boarded our tour bus and headed for the beach at Tel Aviv where our hotel, the Dan Panorama, sits overlooking the Mediterranean.  We settled into our rooms (VERY nice rooms), and had our first Israeli buffet feast.  The food in Israel is amazing.  More about that as the trip unfolds.  Before heading to bed for the night, some of us walked along the beach – we made it about halfway to Jaffa (Biblical Joppa) before turning back.  It was great to sleep in a real bed.  Now to get over the jet lag.