Priestly Work

BreastpieceThe Bible teaches what we call the “priesthood of all believers”.  After the coming of Jesus, the role of “priest” no longer fell to a select group defined by their ancestral connection to Aaron, but every believer now functions as a priest.  The book of Exodus gives us an excellent picture of what a priest is supposed to be all about.

One of the functions of a priest was to pray, to intercede for those around him.  In particular, the high priest wore a “chest piece” that seemed especially connected to prayer.  On this garment were gemstones with the names of the tribes of Israel engraved on them.  “In this way, Aaron will carry the names of the tribes of Israel on the sacred chestpiece over his heart when he goes into the Holy Place. This will be a continual reminder that he represents the people when he comes before the Lord” (Exo. 28:29 NLT).  Beloved when you enter God’s presence to pray, come with the requests of those whom you love, those who are on your heart.

Inside this chest piece were two mysterious objects used to determine God’s will, the Urim and Thummin.  “In this way, Aaron will always carry over his heart the objects used to determine the Lord’s will for his people whenever he goes in before the Lord” (Exo. 28:30 NLT). We too have a tool for figuring out God’s will, God’s Word.  It’s a good discipline to pair your prayer time with your Bible time.  God not only wants us to bring our requests to Him, He wants to give answers to us, and the answers are in His Word.