Russia Trip – Day 5

IMG_0640Sorry for the late post … been having some internet connection problems at my end … here’s what happened yesterday …

When I got up this morning, I checked my email and noticed that the church Ustream webcast was broadcasting, so I started my day off getting to see my son David teach the Thursday night study in Fullerton while I’m on the other side of the planet.  Wow.  After my morning walk, (I didn’t get lost this time) I met Drew and Nadia for breakfast in the hotel dining room.  They had the best spread yet for their buffet.  I thought that with today’s update, I’d include a little more about the food, so there’s a picture down there somewhere of my breakfast.  Double yum.  Alexi met us Around 10:00 and we sat together and talked for a couple of hours about pastoring and discipleship.

IMG_0644Then we walked over to the open air market to do some shopping.  I have found out this trip that Nadia likes to shop.  I’m thinking of suggesting a new cable TV show called “Shopping with Nadia”.  She’s the best.  Alexi’s son Illya found some Spiderman pajamas … go figure.  Alexi left us to work on getting set up for the evening while Drew, Nadia, Laurah Ward and myself had lunch at a small cafeteria.

IMG_0649My entre was a chicken thing covered with a cheese coating, and it was delicious.  I even had an orange Fanta in honor of our good friend and mentor George Bryson (who likes to drink Fanta in Russia, but don’t tell his wife Debi).  We had a bit of a break in the afternoon, and I took a two hour nap.  I think I was more tire than I realized.


Olesya loves Minnie Mouse
A few of the kids that came to the coffee house night

About 6pm we headed off to the Baptist family center where the evening had been set up for a “coffee house” night.  There were about twenty kids that showed up.  Alexi had an evening planned with games, music, and food.  We got to see some old friends that we hadn’t seen in a couple of years (like Vika and Jenya) and were surprised to hear stories from some of the young men and women that we’ve met over the past few years and how they had been impacted by our ministry here.  You never know what will happen with the seeds you plant.  It was quite amazing to hear what God has been doing.  After the meeting ended, we went back to the hotel by taxi only to find that the restaurants were no longer open, and we hadn’t had dinner yet.  It seems that most of Kirovochepetsk closes down by 8:00pm, and it was close to 9.  We found a market that was open late, bought some great Russian bread, meat, and cheese, and headed back to our hotel to make sandwiches.  It’s now off to bed – tomorrow is going to be a packed day with more baseball, another coffee house night, and a chance to share Christ with some of the new kids.  We sure appreciate your prayers…


Old Friends
Old Friends