The Critic

criticIf you ignore criticism, you will end in poverty and disgrace; if you accept correction, you will be honored. (Proverbs 13:18 NLT)

I’m not particularly fond of criticism.  Perhaps it’s my fragile ego that doesn’t like to hear that something’s wrong with me.  When I sense a bit of criticism heading my way, I tend to either run and hide, or put on my thick skin that doesn’t allow anything to penetrate too far.  Sometimes, I just fire back with criticism aimed at the person who is offering advice. I may offer my opinion on a boring preacher, but don’t tell me that it’s me.

When I look at Solomon’s view of criticism, I realize I’ve got a lot to learn.  I may not like it when someone says something that offends me, but what if they are right?  What if they shed light on something that I’m clearly blind too?  What if they have actually pinpointed something that might help me turn a corner in life?  Sometimes I need that extra pair of eyes to help me make the right choices.

The performer on Broadway may choose to not read the reviews of their show so they can sleep better at night, but their show may also end a bit sooner than the producers planned if they don’t adjust and change.  You may not be particularly fond of the person offering advice, but what if they are correct?  Would you rather keep your pride intact, ignore their advice and crash, or humble yourself, change, and succeed?