Growing or Slowing

This week’s Pastor to Person was written by Pastor Daniel Grant.

How is your walk with God lately, are you growing in His graces or falling asleep and falling behind? Hebrews 5:12-14 “Although by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the basic principles of God’s revelation again. You need milk, not solid food. 13 Now everyone who lives on milk is inexperienced with the message about righteousness, because he is an infant. 14 But solid food is for the mature—for those whose senses have been trained to distinguish between good and evil.”

The Hebrew Christians were a church that should have been filled with mature (others-focused) believers! They should have been able to teach others, advance the kingdom, and easily distinguish from good and evil! However, they had stopped growing – you see it was so much easier for them to be milk-fed ones instead of cheeseburger flipping Christians… Think of how easy it is to drink milk(for those of us that like milk) – it’s so easy. It’s even easier if someone pours it for you and lifts the cup to your mouth. Do you see where I’m going? Don’t get stuck in the milk drinking necessity of babyhood! Set your sights on growing mature and strong in your faith, so that you can help, serve and teach others!! Who have you taught, served and helped this week? Engage those faith-muscles, pray and step out while growing deep with the beloved, and know that we stand with you:-)