This weeks Pastor to Person was written by Pastor Rich Cathers.

The poles shall be in the rings of the ark; they shall not be taken from it. (Exodus 25:15)

As Moses and the Israelites traveled through the wilderness, God had them build a portable place of worship, the Tabernacle.  The centerpiece of the Tabernacle was a piece of furniture called the “Ark of the Covenant” (cue Indiana Jones music).  As God gave Moses instructions for how it was all to be built, there is this little footnote about rings and poles.  The Ark was built to be portable.  It wasn’t supposed to settle down and become stationary.  At a moment’s notice the whole thing needed to be ready to get up and move.

Studying the Tabernacle in the wilderness can be instructive on so many levels.  The Ark itself was supposed to be a model of God’s throne.  God was said to “dwell between the cherubim” that were molded on the Ark’s lid.  When the people stopped to camp, the Tabernacle (and Ark) was supposed to be in the very heart of the camp.  And it was all so very mobile.

Is God at the center of your heart?  Does He have the say over decisions you are facing?  Are you aware of His Holy Presence?  So what about those rings?  We need to stay mobile my friends.  When God says “move”, we pick up and go.  God has people to reach, places to go.  He may even want to send you.