“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

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This week’s ‘Pastor’s wives to Person, was written by Kimberly Beller.

“Instead, they had some points of dispute with him about their own religion and about a dead man named Jesus who Paul claimed was alive.” Acts 25:19

I love the Book of Acts. It’s such a simple name for the beginning account of the mighty force that God was fully spearheading! Amongst this surge of believers of this new Way, was the man Paul, who had been changed, and who had decided with every turn that he would not collect, but instead, hand out his passion for the Christ.

                   Here, we see Paul, who has been captured, being strengthened in his Witness, day by day, year by year. He was telling everyone what he has seen and heard, including Felix, and now Festus the new governor. They found no fault, but the unresolved envy coming directly from the religious-leading Jews who wouldn’t let him go from their hostile grasp of judgment.

But here’s what I love. You’ll notice that in every opportunity, Paul looked to share the Gospel. When the grasp got tighter, instead of looking towards the problem, he found a chance to create a new way of opening his message to a greater audience. He couldn’t be stopped.

                   And as you see the conversation between Festus and King Agrippa, you hear a very ordinary outsider’s conversation, preaching the very elements of the Gospel! Paul’s life shared that fragrance of the Gospel, and it multiplied in spite of his circumstances, and with no chance for words himself!

Today, our circumstances do not stop the Gospel. Our feelings do not stop the Gospel. I pray that when we are willing and with little courage, we can trust and pray with confidence that the Holy Spirit in us, will go for us. After all, that resurrecting power in them is the same power in us. It can’t stop, it won’t be stopped.