“With Success Stay Humble”

This week’s Pastor to Person was written by Pastor Daniel Grant.
I love it when things go well. I am a HUGE fan of success, but there is always that temptation when things are going well, to be filled with godless Pride. We see this with one of Judah’s kings. He had just come back from a HUGE victory. He had walked in the will of the Lord and then got filled with himself and challenged Israel in the North. 2 Kings 14:8 Then Amaziah sent messengers to Jehoash the son of Jehoahaz, the son of Jehu, king of Israel, saying, “Come, let us face one another in battle.” And the humbling that Amaziah received was EPIC!
Pride is a killer. It kills joy, it slaughters success. It robs us of the God-given ability to focus on what God has for us, and always focuses us on what ISN’T ours. Beloved, don’t get suckered by pride. Hold on to what God has for you and rejoice with others. As you lift others up, God will lift you up in the right time and right way. James 4:6 “But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Grab ahold of the Grace of God that prevents Pride!!
Sending HUGE hugs,