Keeping Our Promises

This weeks Pastor to Person is written by Pastor Franklin Garcia.

Joshua 9:1-27

The Israelites made a treaty without consulting God, and it turned out to be a bad one. The people of Israel wanted to go back on their decision, but they made a treaty in the name of the Lord. They want to undo the treaty, but the leaders say, “we can’t do that.  If we go back on our word, then God’s wrath will be on us.  If we want any claim on his mercy and grace, we must stay true to our promise.”

Maybe you made a decision without consulting God, maybe you took a new job and promised the company that you’d stay with it for a certain length of time, maybe you formally signed a business contract, maybe you said your marriage vows “before God and witnesses,” then in order for God’s mercy and grace to continue in your life, you must stay true to your promise. You cannot go back on your word, even if the decision was a wrong one. 

Wonderfully, as you keep your word, as you stay true to your promise, God’s mercy and grace will still work to bring good to your life.  If you are faithful to your word, the God who loves you will use that difficult situation to bring you even closer to him.  Even though it may have been a wrong decision, as you honor God and keep his name supreme, he’ll find a way to protect you in that situation and draw you even closer to him.