“Our Greatest Weakness”

This week’s Pastor to Person is written by Pastor Franklin Garcia.

To keep Paul from becoming conceited over the revelations, he was given a weakness a thorn in the flesh. Some believe it was a sickness, like a tumor on his eyesight, others believe that it was someone causing him trouble, others believe that it was a temptation that he was continually facing. Whatever this situation was it was tormenting him, Paul called it his thorn in the flesh, the thorn tormented him. Paul asked God to remove the thorn but instead God promises that his grace is enough, and his power works better in weakness. Paul prayed three times for God to remove the thorn. God instead promised him grace, grace is enough. God’s power worked in his weakness which made Paul even more powerful in his ministry. This is why Paul brags about his weaknesses, because they made him strong.

God allows weakness in our lives, so we do not become conceited, so we don’t become self-sufficient, so we don’t be filled with pride in our abilities. God’s giving weakness will only draw us closer to His throne. Our deepest need in our weakness is not relief but rather confidence in God, confidence that God knows what He is doing, that He knows what’s best for us, He knows when to take away our afflictions or He might just leave it for the rest of our lives, if that’s the case, then we need to realize that our weakness allows God’s power to work better in our lives.