“Divine Satisfaction”

This week’s Pastor to Person is written by Pastor Franklin Garcia.

Jeremiah 2…What did your ancestors find wrong with me that led them to stray so far from me?

God begins by reminding Israel that he had been so good to them. He had led them through the wilderness to a land that was already fertile and lush and productive for them before they got there, and he had destroyed all their enemies. But Israel abandoned God to go after their own desires, they worshipped other gods/idols as the source of blessing, they abandoned God to put their trust and security through alliances with other nations rather than finding it in God alone. God confronted and accused them of failing to their covenant, he condemned their attitude and announced their punishment.
Abandoning God for our own desires and putting our hope on other things or people will end up in disappointment because God is the only one who can really bless and give us satisfaction. He wants us to keep in mind that He will always give us the best; otherwise, if we abandon Him to go after what we desire and think is best, we will end up disappointed and the consequences will be devastating, because He will not bless us in the process. Instead, He will use our failure to correct us and bring us back to Him. God is faithful and expects us to be faithful in our relationship with Him. God wants our loyalty, and trust that He will guide us and supply all that is necessary along the way.

-Pastor Franklin