“Faithful to the End”

This week’s Pastor to Person is written by Pastor Franklin Garcia.

Jeremiah 2

Now, God is seeking to win His people back. He is pleading with his people, reminding them how their relationship was at the beginning in their honeymoon stage. The Lord accused the nation of abandoning Him and being unfaithful. They abandoned God to go after idols and put their trust in other nations. God confronts and accuses them for failing their covenant. They abandoned God to worship other gods with the purpose to fulfill their own desires. They not only abandoned God to go after other sources of blessing, but they also placed their trust in other nations to feel secure. God will condemn their attitude and announce the punishment they will receive for having failed in their covenant with Him.
God is like a faithful husband and expects us to be faithful in our relationship with Him. Abandoning God to go after our own desires is like abandoning a faithful spouse and the consequences will be devastating. Abandoning God to go after what we want and long for is like abandoning our spouse, the person with whom you promised eternal love, that person with whom you swear that you will be together with in wealth and poverty, in good and bad times. We too promised loyalty and commitment to God, so abandoning Him will bring us suffering and pain. He will use our failure to correct us and bring us back to Him. God wants our loyalty, and trust that He will guide us and supply all that is necessary along the way.

-Pastor Franklin