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Servant Leaders

At Calvary Chapel of Fullerton we are just a little bit reluctant to be using titles.  Some of the people listed are indeed fully ordained pastors.  Some of them have  been to college, some even to seminary.  Some are high school dropouts.  Some are full time paid staff.  Many are unpaid volunteers.  Some grew up as good kids.  Some were probably not that nice growing up.  All of them have found a new life in Jesus Christ.  All of them love the Lord.  We believe God has called together a unique, wonderful team of men and women who are here to serve the Lord.

Caleb Beller
Caleb Beller

Caleb Beller – Ass’t Pastor, College

Chris Burroughs – Elder

Manuel Castro – Jr. High, Mexico missions

David Cathers – Worship Pastor

Debby Cathers – Ladies’ Ministry, Accounting

Rich Cathers – Sr. Pastor, Elder

Sarah Cathers – Children’s Ministry

David Chang – Elder

Dave Dunagan – Ass’t. Pastor, Elder

Laurie Dunagan – Church Secretary, Emergency Prayer Chain

Warren Fassbinder – Audio Visual

Tom Franz – Elder, Ushers

Daniel Grant – Ass’t. Pastor, Sr. High, Food Outreach, OCC, James Gang

Paul Johnson – Elder

Dan Looney – Ass’t. Pastor, Premarital

Dave Ritner – Ass’t Pastor, Men’s Ministry

Bill Schwimmer – Elder

Lisa Schwimmer – Church Secretary, Helping Hands

Steve Silagi – Elder

Ron West – Convalescent Ministry