Week of 5-3-21


  1. Audio-Visual Ministry (Brandon Robertson)
  2. Men’s Ministry (Caleb Beller, Manuel Castro)
  3. Servant School (Caleb Beller, Franklin Garcia, Rich Cathers)
  4. Worship Ministries (David Cathers)
  5. Serve Fullerton (Franklin Garcia)
  6. Ushers/Parking Lot (Franklin Garcia, David Chang)
  7. Church Secretary (Hannah Stewart)
  8. College Ministry (Jered Johnson)
  9. Women’s Ministry (Kim Beller)
  10. Mexico Ministry (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
  11. Helping Hands (Noah & Becky Fredrickson)
  12. Children’s Ministry (Sarah Cathers)
  13. Operation Christmas Child (Daniel Grant)
  14. Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry teachers (Nursery-Fifth grade)
  15. For our church to be marked by our love for Jesus, our dependence upon His grace, our love for one another, our study of God’s Word, and the power of His Spirit.
  16. Vision and direction for our church – staying on track with the Lord
  17. The James Gang – addiction recovery ministry (Daniel Grant)
  18. GriefShare (Neil Groom)
  19. Home Fellowships/Connect Groups (Greg Bird)
  20. Elders (Paul Johnson, Neil Groom, Tom Franz, CJ Del Balso, David Chang, David Cathers, Rich Cathers, Art Cardenas, Chris Burroughs, Caleb Beller)
  21. Calvary Chapel Logos (our sister Spanish Fellowship – pastor Franklin Garcia)
  22. Church Accounting Ministry (Ramzey Mansour, Chris Burroughs, Hannah Stewart)
  23. For a permanent home/building for the church. 
  24. Sr. High School Group (Daniel Grant)
  25. Jr. High School Group (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
  26. Sunday morning studies (Caleb Beller)
  27. That God would use our church to faithfully equip the saints for ministry.
  28. That God would use our church to help believers find their ministry and serve Jesus.
  29. That God would use our church to reach the LOST in Fullerton.


  1. Samaritan’s Purse – https://www.samaritanspurse.org/ – (Franklin Graham) global outreach to hurting people; Operation Christmas Child shoebox outreach in November. 
  2. Mexico Outreach – http://calvaryfullerton.org/ministries/outreach/missions/ – (Manuel & Jennifer Castro) – for God to use our church in the short-term trips to Mexico. Next trip is scheduled for June 25-27.
  3. Harvest Crusade – http://www.harvest.org/crusades/ – (Greg Laurie, John Collins, Neil Groom) – Wisdom for the leadership team. That God would use our church to reach lost people.
  4. Southeast Asia – https://pioneerbible.org – We are supporting a young couple that is getting ready to launch out in May 2021 to a nation in Southeast Asia to plant a church and translate the Bible into a language that currently has no Bible.  They will be heading into a country that is hostile to Christians, so for the sake of security, we won’t be using their names.  But you can pray.
  5. John & Jamie Kim (Joshua, Jeremiah, Joel) – http://www.yesorphan.org/ – A ministry to orphans on Jeju Island in South Korea.  Their vision is to disciple older orphans and then send them as missionaries to places that others can’t go. 
  6. Jeff and Jenny Crandall – http://worshipcatalyst.com/  – serving with Worship Catalyst ministries.  Mentoring worship leaders around the country, focusing on church planters. Starting a School of Worship in Tucson. Raising support.
  7. Calvary Chapel Kirov – https://www.facebook.com/CalvaryChapelKirovoChepetsk – pray for Pastor Alexi, his wife Natasha, and children Ilya, Olesya, and Alexandra.  The weekly Bible Study in Kirov on Sundays at noon. The outreach Bible Study going on in the neighboring city of Kirovo-chepetsk on Sundays at 4pm.
  8. Our Outreach Ministry – pray for direction and open doors as we develop ministries that will impact Fullerton, including the feeding of school district families in need. We are calling this new initiative “Serve Fullerton”.
  9. Victor & Sonia Mayoral – https://sojournersmission.com/ – Victor and Sonia head Sojourners Missions, which works with orphans and churches in the Rosarito area of Mexico.  We team with them when we do our Mexico outreaches.
  10. Jeff & Sonja Stewart (Josephine, Asher) – https://www.lavignemissions.com/ – missionaries to France.  Have planted a church in the town of Vernon, France (L’Eglise Trouvée). Because of Covid they are doing their services online.  Jeff is now preaching in French without a translator. Raising support. 
  11. Rod & Zuzana Thompson – https://crossculturemissions.com – working out of the Calvary Chapel in Montebelluna, Italy to establish a Bible College and equip future pastors and leaders throughout Europe and Africa.


  1. Anonymous – Carmen and Terry. Both terminally ill. 
  2. Daniel  – Doug
  3. Warren – Please pray for salvation for Mike, Victor, Jessica, Merv, Bob, Ian, Peter and his family.
  4. Paul  – Rod, David
  5. Rich  – V., Jimmy
  6. Peter B.  – Arlen, my father (92). Judy, my catholic stepmom. 
  7. Alice B – Fremio and Pam
  8. Irene H. – salvation for Diana, Carlos, and Marty Martinez. 
  9. Irene G. -Please pray for Alfredo, He has been lost in the world for five years. Pray God brings my son back.
  10. Nancy B. – Pete
  11. Nancy B. – Marvin and my family to be saved. 
  12. Kim W.  – salvation for family.
  13. Mariel G. -I pray for the salvation of my father Sergio, Armando, his kids, my brother Elvis and my mother Lupita. I don’t want them left behind.
  14. Dawnmarie – for Bronson (30)
  15. Carlos & Mary F. -Please pray for Maria. That she may put her complete trust in Jesus Christ and no one else but Him and His salvation.
  16. Olivia- Please pray for the salvation of my family. 
  17. Stephanie -Prayers for my family’s salvation.


  1. Barbara – Please pray for my brother James Ligoretti for his sugar level to drop to normal level.
  2. Becky – Update on my son, he’s home now, thank you for praying. They loaded him up with antibiotics at the hospital so the swelling has gone down, the wound is still Oozing but the pain is also less, sign that is getting better. Still praying for complete healing.
  3. Caleb – Prayer request for my friend Brad whose cancer has aggressively returned, they don’t know where it is yet. Prayers for healing and strength and the Lord to do a physical and spiritual miracle in this season.
  4. Elaine – for her daughter Tricia’s friend, Sheri, who broke her pelvis after falling while leaving the Dr’s office; she’s in a lot of pain.
  5. Frank – having eye problems with cataracts and glaucoma. Working towards surgery on May 5.
  6. Gregg – cancer, heart complications, recovery from stroke.
  7. Hannah – Please pray for my brother and his fiancé as they are in Texas this week looking for jobs and a house to move into after they get married next month.
  8. Heather – that Katrina had hernia surgery yesterday (3/27) please be praying for strength and healing for her knee. God bless.
  9. Jobanna – Please pray for my Navy son to miraculously find favor in God’s sight and men and be able to get his driver license, which has held him back from advancing.
  10. Jodi (4-11-21) – Harvey’s daughter Madison – she’s going into surgery to have her nose repaired due to a sports accident. Peace for her mother and a speedy recovery for Madison.
  11. Jodi – Please my son’s grandfather for strength in his health and peace of mind for my son (he is in rehab due to dehydration and with the concern of his age) the drs are watching him thank you.
  12. Joe – After 16 years of faithfully working at his company Joe LaMuth was let go this week. He’s shocked but also excited for the future God will bring to him and his wife. Pray for God’s protection, provision and future assignment!!
  13. Kathy – We found some property with a house in New Mexico. We put in a bid and they accepted. We have spoken to realtors in CA about selling our house. Please keep us in prayer for a smooth transition.
  14. Linda (- She is having knee replacement surgery. Wisdom for doctor and quick healing.
  15. Maribel – pray for my brother Jun. He had bloody stool and collapsed, taken to the hospital in the Philippines. Healing and wisdom for the doctors for diagnosis and treatment.
  16. Maribel – Please pray for a recovery from surgery (hysterectomy) for my stepdaughter Rebecca. Wisdom for the doctors. Pray for comfort for Johnny Chen as his father in China is in his last hours(cancer) and can’t be there with him because of covid restrictions. Salvation for the entire family.
  17. Mariel – I discovered a pinkish mole on Jake’s head. He’s stressing hoping it’s not melanoma. He has a doc appt soon. We will ask for testing. On Google images looks like a benign mole, God willing.
  18. Olivia – For Brandon – some praise!  The jails will be open soon for visits.  His father will be able to see him once a month.
  19. Rich – For our service members protecting our country.
  20. Nicki B. – for her husband Lyle, diagnosed a week ago with Covid.  Was fairly mild in symptoms until yesterday.  Has started steroids.  Doctors say if he doesn’t start getting better he will need to go into the hospital. Nicki has a compromised immune system with cancer and MS. Appreciate the prayer.
  21. Stephanie G.  -Please continue to pray for my husband Lon that his Parkinson’s disease does not get any worse. Thank you.
  22. Kim W. – Please pray for Mom (Hazel), she is going to hospital. labs are all ok except for anemia. She is very likely to get blood transfusion to get her red blood cell count up. Please pray that God heals her totally, and it’s easily treated, and God’s protection (for both of us).
  23. Peter Br. – Update for Steven Tarver. He is still awaiting test results for what stage the cancer is. He will undergo a surgery to implant a stomach tube into him on Monday, then discharge him to go home and put in some healthy weight to prepare for radiation therapy to shrink the tumors prior to any surgery.
  24. Peter Br. – Please pray for Gregg Hubert he had gone 3 days with no sleep and it is having drastic effects on state of mind. Please pray for a few nights good full sleep and a calm heart, clarity of mind and peace.
  25. Susan D – Please keep my girlfriend Marilyn in prayer she lost her husband Virgil this morning due to Alzheimers.
  26. Nicki B. – Diagnosed with an abdominal tumor. Asking the Lord to shrink or remove the tumor, so that any surgery might be less dangerous. Pray also for the family.  Her MS has also been flaring up.
  27. Rich -a friend, Pastor Steve – his daughter Nicole (31yrs old) has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  28. Genesis -asking for prayer for my 4th chemo session and for a surgery date.
  29. Rich – for my cousin’s son Charles, 37, diagnosed with hereditary gastric cancer.
  30. Gri & Michael W. – both are being treated for cancer. Fatigue and insomnia have been a struggle.
  31. Heather -please be praying for my friend Colleen her procedure for her heart issue is next Wednesday it’s to deal with a blockage he’ll probably have to have a angioplasty and some kind of stents put in heart.
  32. Lyle -Please pray for my father Rod Burley, his cancer has returned.
  33. Brandon Pray for Genesis to feel better. This round of chemo is not treating her well. Lots of nausea and general fatigue.
  34. Dave -Pray for Rodney Nelson and those who can’t be here and can’t have visitors.
  35. Nancy -Pray for Joe and his sister who has sepsis and is on a ventilator. Pray for Katie, who is a student in a CA and who is seeking work. She is from New York.
  36. Lynn Prayers for the President Biden and his Administration, for my entire family and myself, please Lord cease this violence against the Asian community and the latest attacks on and loss of lives in our cities and protect the first responders that serve our nation daily we humbly pray amen and for our Pastors Rich and Pastor Caleb (and Daniel and Franklin) and the Church. Thanks prayer team.
  37. Ada -Prayers please for friends Laura & Kim, Laura had another biopsy done this week, Kim has upcoming eye surgery… continued prayers for moms, Norma for her stomach issues. Adita for control of diabetes.
  38. Peter Br. – Please pray for my friend Deanna, she is having problems with both eyes with vision bring blurry. She is an artist.
  39. Diana – Would appreciate prayer for my sister-in-law Pamela whose bloodwork markers show she has cancer again. She’ll have a brain scan on May 11, a PET scan to be scheduled, and sees oncologist on May 12. She recovered from breast cancer two years ago.
  40. Heather – Update on Colleen doing okay she has some bruising on her arm and still having trouble breathing he had a doctor’s appointment next week please be praying I also find out my client that lives in the same cul-de-sac has similar issues Louis is having angiogram then angioplasty possible on Monday please be praying.
  41. Jobanna – Praying for God’s favor and a possible appointment for my son Andrew to be able to get his driver’s license when he comes back in May 10th till the 14th. It would take a miracle, therefore, I am asking for prayers.
  42. Mariel (- For peace and comfort for my Members who are grieving the loss of their belovededs: Tyler, who died un his sleep. 38 yrs old. Parents Randy & Pam. For Mr. Cook who left wife and kids. May they rest joyfully in the presence of our Lord Jesus.
  43. Niki – Lyle is a little worse (Covid) and is going to start steroids. If he isn’t better in a day or two, he will need to go in to the hospital. Please pray.
  44. Steve – Please pray for the insurance company to come through for Steve Tarver’s cancer treatment, thanks May our lord bless you amen.
  45. Brandon – Pray for comfort for my family as we have the burial for my grandfather on Monday.
  46. Angela (- Praise Report-My little brother Danny is 2 months sober and has a steady job! The Lord is so good to us children!
  47. Olivia – Thank you for praying for Shirley. She has gone home to be with the Lord. Please pray for the DeGruccio family at this time. Please pray for Lori. She fell down some stairs and had to have surgery for her broken arm. Has lots of pain. Pray for the Lord’s provision for med bills.
  48. Susan D. (5-2-21) – please keep my sister grace in prayer she’s has a bad cough for the last 2 weeks not covid related.
  49. Lynn – Prayers for our President Joe Biden and First Lady, VP Kamala Harris and the administration as they lead our Country. Prayers for our first responders and all our Pastors and for the Church to maintain the good work of the lord. Continuous prayers for my family, myself and friend Mickey who Is doing well In her remission from Cancer, we pray for mercy peace across our nation and cease of violence and loss of lives.
  50. Peter Br. – Please pray for my 60ish neighbor Beverly, she is s believer, she is going in for a sleep study tonight for a solution to get sleep apnea. It drains her energy and joy in life. -Please pray for Carmen, her breast cancer had metastisized from breast to liver. Carmen Roberts is a strong believer 53 yrs old, in Georgia.

We will keep your request on the list for at least one month, unless you notify the church of any changes or updates to the prayer requests.