Week of 9-6-21


  1. Worship Ministries (David Cathers)
  2. Women’s Ministry (Kim Beller)
  3. Spanish Fellowship (Franklin Garcia)
  4. Serve Fullerton (Franklin Garcia)
  5. GriefShare (Neil Groom)
  6. Connect Groups (Greg Bird)
  7. College Ministry (Jered Johnson)
  8. Church Secretary (Hannah Stewart)
  9. Children’s Ministry (Sarah Cathers)
  10. Audio-Visual Ministry (Brandon Robertson)
  11. Sr. High School Group (Daniel Grant)
  12. Jr. High School Group (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
  13. The James Gang – addiction recovery ministry (Daniel Grant)
  14. For our church to be marked by our love for Jesus, our dependence upon His grace, our love for one another, our study of God’s Word, and the power of His Spirit.
  15. Helping Hands (Noah & Becky Fredrickson)
  16. Sunday morning studies (Caleb Beller)
  17. Ushers/Parking Lot (Franklin Garcia, David Chang)
  18. For a permanent home/building for the church. 
  19. Servant School (Caleb Beller, Franklin Garcia, Rich Cathers)
  20. Operation Christmas Child (Daniel Grant)
  21. Elders (Paul Johnson, Neil Groom, CJ Del Balso, David Chang, David Cathers, Rich Cathers, Art Cardenas, Chris Burroughs, Caleb Beller)
  22. Mexico Ministry (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
  23. Church Accounting Ministry (Ramzey Mansour, Chris Burroughs, Hannah Stewart)
  24. Men’s Ministry (Caleb Beller, Manuel Castro)
  25. Vision and direction for our church – staying on track with the Lord
  26. That God would use our church to faithfully equip the saints for ministry.
  27. That God would use our church to help believers find their ministry and serve Jesus.
  28. That God would use our church to bring LOST people to Jesus.
  29. Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry teachers (Nursery-Fifth grade)


  1. Southeast Asia – https://pioneerbible.org – We are supporting a young couple that is getting ready to launch out in September 2021 to a nation in Southeast Asia to plant a church and translate the Bible into a language that currently has no Bible.  They will be heading into a country that is hostile to Christians, so for the sake of security, we won’t be using their names.  But you can pray.
  2. Rod & Zuzana Thompson – https://crossculturemissions.com – working out of the Calvary Chapel in Montebelluna, Italy to establish a Bible College and equip future pastors and leaders throughout Europe and Africa.
  3. Victor & Sonia Mayoral – https://sojournersmission.com/ – Victor and Sonia head Sojourners Missions, which works with orphans and churches in the Rosarito area of Mexico.  We team with them when we do our Mexico outreaches.
  4. Samaritan’s Purse – https://www.samaritanspurse.org/ – (Franklin Graham) global outreach to hurting people; Operation Christmas Child shoebox outreach in November. 
  5. Mexico Outreach – http://calvaryfullerton.org/ministries/outreach/missions/ – (Manuel & Jennifer Castro) – for God to use our church in the short-term trips to Mexico.
  6. Jeff and Jenny Crandall – http://worshipcatalyst.com/  – serving with Worship Catalyst ministries.  Mentoring worship leaders around the country, focusing on church planters. Starting a School of Worship. Raising support.
  7. Harvest Crusade – http://www.harvest.org/crusades/ – (Greg Laurie, John Collins) – Wisdom for the leadership team. That God would use our church to reach lost people. The next Crusade at Angel Stadium will be October 3, 2021.
  8. Jeff & Sonja Stewart (Josephine, Asher) – https://www.lavignemissions.com/ – missionaries to France.  Have planted a church in the town of Vernon, France, église Sel et Lumière (Salt and Light Church). They are in the process of merging with another church that doesn’t have a pastor. Jeff is now preaching in French without a translator. Raising support. 
  9. John & Jamie Kim (Joshua, Jeremiah, Joel) – http://www.yesorphan.org/ – A ministry to orphans on Jeju Island in South Korea.  Their vision is to disciple older orphans and then send them as missionaries to places that others can’t go. 
  10. Calvary Chapel Kirov – https://www.facebook.com/CalvaryChapelKirovoChepetsk – pray for Pastor Alexi, his wife Natasha, and children Ilya, Olesya, and Alexandra.  The weekly Bible Study in Kirov on Sundays at noon. The outreach Bible Study going on in the neighboring city of Kirovo-chepetsk on Sundays at 4pm.
  11. Our Outreach Ministry – pray for direction and open doors as we develop ministries that will impact Fullerton, including the feeding of school district families in need. We are calling this new initiative “Serve Fullerton”.


  1. Nancy B. – Pete
  2. Daniel  – Doug
  3. Dawnmarie – for Bronson (30)
  4. Carlos & Mary F. -Please pray for Maria. That she may put her complete trust in Jesus Christ and no one else but Him and His salvation.
  5. Anonymous – Carmen and Terry. Both terminally ill. 
  6. Peter B.  – Arlen, my father (92). Judy, my catholic stepmom. 
  7. Paul  – Rod, David
  8. Olivia- Please pray for the salvation of my family. 
  9. Irene G. -Please pray for Alfredo, He has been lost in the world for five years. Pray God brings my son back.
  10. Alice B – Fremio and Pam
  11. Rich  – V., Jimmy
  12. Nancy B. – Marvin and my family to be saved. 
  13. Stephanie -Prayers for my family’s salvation.
  14. Warren – Please pray for salvation for Mike, Victor, Jessica, Merv, Bob, Ian, Peter and his family.
  15. Mariel G. -I pray for the salvation of my father Sergio, Armando, his kids, my brother Elvis and my mother Lupita. I don’t want them left behind.
  16. Kim W.  – salvation for family.
  17. Irene H. – salvation for Diana, Carlos, and Marty Martinez. 


  1. Kevin & Michelle – for their son and his family on the mission field with an unreached Muslim people group. Pray for wisdom, protection, and guidance.
  2. Gri & Michael W. – both are being treated for cancer. Fatigue and insomnia have been a struggle.
  3. Hannah – Please be praying for missionaries CCF supports in Mexico, Victor and Sonia Mayoral. Both have been struggling with Covid. Sonia was just ambulanced up to Chula Vista (Sharps hospital) with complications. Please pray for healing for both of them
  4. Olivia – For Brandon – some praise!  The jails are open for visits.  His father will be able to see him once a month.
  5. Rich – for my cousin’s son Charles, 37, diagnosed with hereditary gastric cancer.
  6. Tino – My dad Salvador passed Friday morning to be with the lord. Please be praying for me and my family
  7. Brandon – my dad’s friend Brad Morrison. He has been in a Moto Cross accident and is in the hospital with broken bones blood clots he’s a mess. He is asking for Prayer.
  8. Ernie – for daughter Natalie, continuing recovery from cancer in her tongue. 
  9. Elaine – Elaine’s daughter, Tricia, was exposed (over 15-minutes within 6 feet) to a person who has COVID-19. While she’s been vaccinated, pray she does not get it or it’s mild and her family is not infected.
  10. Nicki B. – Diagnosed with an abdominal tumor. Asking the Lord to shrink or remove the tumor, so that any surgery might be less dangerous. Pray also for the family.  Her MS has also been flaring up.
  11. Nancy – Buttram family that used to attend CCF. Mom Brenda, daughters Emily, Brittany, and her little Evie all seem to have COVID19.Father Gary having surgery Monday for basal cell carcinoma. Healing, strength, peace.
  12. Genesis – Prayers for my brother, James, his Covid is getting worse.
  13. Genesis – Prayer for my next chemo treatment this week.
  14. Irene – Prayer for my sister’s stepdaughter, Natalie. She has kidney problems.
  15. Jodi – Prayer for my daughter Francis as she hits 20 weeks pregnant. She’s got four months to go, pray for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.
  16. Lyle -Please pray for my father Rod Burley, his cancer has returned.
  17. Lynn – Prayers for our President Joe Biden and his Administration, prayers for all our Pastors and for the stability of our Church, also the members who’s in need of prayers. The first responders that serve our nation and the people in Afghanistan, the families of our service men who lost their lives. Prayers for the people of New Orleans, LA and everyone in the pathway of Hurricane Ida approach and for my family and myself. 
  18. Mariel ) – Prayer for my Member, Ms. Salgado. She was told has little time to live. She had an accident, total loss. She has missed appointments and insurance has left her on her own. She needs God’s strength. Doctors advised not to proceed with surgery.
  19. Noah – Prayer for Neil Groom ask for healing, injury to his knee and back
  20. Heather – My friend GB Mathai that I put on the prayer chain. He’s doing better, he’s at home and he slowly recovering please pray for that he be able to sleep he’s having difficulty doing that.
  21. Lyle – My friend Gentre Thompson.  Is home now, but still recovering from serious intestinal surgery. We really appreciate that the church is praying for him! His wife is not a believer, but in her communication with Lyle she is starting to praise Him and has said how much she appreciates the prayers. 
  22. Rich – a friend, Pastor Steve – his daughter Nicole (31yrs old) has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  23. Michelle  – I have cervical spinal stenosis and pain is unbearable and vomiting from it. Please heal me GOD and pray against fear.
  24. Manuel – Continued healing for Jeniece.
  25. Gregg – cancer, heart complications, recovery from stroke.
  26. Susan D – Louis’ friend Albert and coworker had a minor heart attack please keep him in prayer and family.
  27. Lauren C. – My cousin, Jeanine, recently collapsed at church and had a major seizure. They found a grade 4 brain tumor on her frontal lobe. They are preparing for surgery and the prognosis is not looking good.
  28. Lori – For my sister Donna who has struggled with lung diseases and is in the hospital.
  29. Mariel – For my baby sister Marcie. She is a mother of 2 young boys who was referred to neurologist and also referred for blood work. Please pray for negative results and peace of mind and heart for her.
  30. Rich – For our service men and women protecting our country.
  31. Caleb – for pastor Graydon Jessup – he has an aggressive but treatable form of cancer. He has long road ahead of him for the next six months.
  32. Paul J. – Please pray for Tristan, my brother’s daughter in-law. She is a brand-new mom and is going to the hospital with Covid. Pray for her husband Michael and the baby, Case, who also has Covid.
  33. Peter Br. – Please pray for quick healing of the sore on my foot.
  34. Peter Br. – Please pray for Michelle, my niece & her husband Bértrand. She has a sinus infection with double ear infection, she’s now on antibiotics. Bér went to the doctor and though vaccinated has tested positive for Covid. Michelle is assumed positive as well.
  35. Stephanie G. – Please continue to pray for my husband Lon that his Parkinson’s disease does not get any worse. Thank you.
  36. Art – Please pray for Gerardo and Susana’s marriage. They are going through some difficulties and might be getting separated. May the LORD’s will ultimately persevere.
  37. Becky – Please pray for my friend Sherri, that her body does not reject her new kidney. 
  38. David – Please pray for Richard and his family. His mom passed this week. She was in her 80s.
  39. Harry – Please pray for my dearest friend Chris of 67 years friendship that he came down with pancreatic cancer worked its way up to his lungs now on his way to his liver.
  40. Jobanna – Please pray for wisdom and provision regarding some things that need to get done at home.
  41. Steve – Please pray for my mom Lena, she’s 100 years old and just went in to assisted living this week and is not adapting well.
  42. Victoria – Please pray for my aunt Nora she has throat cancer and was given a few months to live. She is 72.
  43. Mariel – Continued prayer for Nene. He was discharged from the hospital but is afraid to get attacked again. May God keep these thugs away. Police are aware of those who shot him.
  44. Monica – Continued prayer for healing for Gregg. Also, for Monica, in urgent care with sore throat and difficulty speaking. Please pray for fast recovery and meds that will help her kill infection.
  45. Steve T – Recovering from intestinal surgery.  Cancer treatments taking a break while surgery heals.
  46. Heather – Praise Report for Dawn. She’s off the ventilator in a regular room. Doctors want her to stay there until she recovers a bit more since she doesn’t have help at home.
  47. Brandon – Praise report. They didn’t find cancerous tissue in the biopsy from Genesis surgery. I pray that it doesn’t come back. She still needs to continue treatment so I pray for strength and continued healing until she gets a clean bill of health.
  48. Caleb – Prayer request for my friend Brad whose cancer has aggressively returned, they don’t know where it is yet. Prayers for healing and strength and the Lord to do a physical and spiritual miracle in this season.
  49. Lori – My twin sister and her kids, for strength and guidance. Her ex-husband James Farmer passed away from Covid virus.
  50. Brandon – From my friend Adam -My wife Tiffany is in ICU fighting covid. She was intubated last night. She just had our 3rd child and hasn’t even got to hold him yet. I usually don’t post much in here because I don’t like asking for help. But I know god can do amazing things. Please pray!
  51. Jobanna – Update on my neighbor (saved), the infusion worked well, praise God. His girlfriend (unsaved) still needs healing.
  52. Victoria – Please pray for my cousin John in Texas in ICU on ventilator with Covid fighting for his life. He is a bus driver and 18 people on his buses had Covid. In Texas they are not required to wear masks on the bus. My aunt Nora passed away from cancer recently. Thank you for your prayers. She’s with Jesus now at peace no more pain and suffering.
  53. Peter Br. – Continued healing for pain in knee.
  54. Bridget – Praying for a negative Covid test for Annie, my daughter. She was exposed at work. Lord just watch over her and give her strength.
  55. Lynn – Prayers for The President Joe Biden and his Administration as he guides our Nation. Prayers for all our Pastors and members to continue the great work and for continuous stability and success of the Church in a new location. Prayers for our first responders who serve our cities, we need special prayers for everyone who’s affected by hurricane Ida. The people in New Orleans LA, Adjoining Cities in The Gulf Coast, the catastrophic floods in NY, NJ and Philadelphia. My family all experienced these flooding but did not loose their lives (thankful to God) prayers for myself as I embrace each new day.
  56. Linda – Please pray for a friend’s sister Irma who is on her 10th day on ventilator with covid. Her husband passed away with covid about 2 weeks ago.
  57. Sharron – I was in the hospital last week but I am now in a nursing home recuperating from an intestinal virus and overall weakness. I hope to go home Wednesday or Thursday.

We will keep your request on the list for at least one month, unless you notify the church of any changes or updates to the prayer requests.