Intercessory Prayer List 5/9/22

Intercessory Prayer
For the week of 5/9/2022 


1.    Our Outreach Ministry – pray for direction and open doors as we develop ministries that will impact Fullerton, including the feeding of school district families in need. We are calling this initiative “Serve Fullerton”.
2.    Calvary Chapel Kirov – – pray for Pastor Alexi, his wife Natasha, and children Ilya, Olesya, and Alexandra. The weekly Bible Study in Kirov on Sundays at noon. The outreach Bible Study going on in the neighboring city of Kirovo-chepetsk on Sundays at 4pm. Because of the war in Ukraine, we have been unable to send our regular support to Alexi in Russia.  Pray that God opens a door for us to once again be able to send funds to the church in Russia.
3.    Jeff & Sonja Stewart (Josephine, Asher) – – missionaries to France.  Have planted a church in the town of Vernon, France, église Sel et Lumière (Salt and Light Church). They have merged with another church that didn’t have a pastor. Jeff is now preaching in French without a translator. Raising support. 
4.    Harvest Crusade – – (Greg Laurie, John Collins) – Wisdom for the leadership team. That God would use our church to reach lost people.
5.    Jeff and Jenny Crandall –  – leading a School of Worship in Arizona.
6.    Mexico Outreach – – (Manuel & Jennifer Castro) – for God to use our church in the short-term trips to Mexico.  
7.    Samaritan’s Purse – – (Franklin Graham) global outreach to hurting people; Operation Christmas Child shoebox outreach in November. 
8.    Victor & Sonia Mayoral – – Victor and Sonia head Sojourners Missions, which works with orphans and churches in the Rosarito area of Mexico. We team with them when we do our Mexico outreaches.
9.    Rod & Zuzana Thompson – – working out of the Calvary Chapel in Montebelluna, Italy to establish a Bible College and equip future pastors and leaders throughout Europe and Africa.
10.    Southeast Asia – – We are supporting a young couple in a nation in Southeast Asia to plant a church and translate the Bible into a language that currently has no Bible. They are in a country that is hostile to Christians, so for the sake of security, we won’t be using their names.  But you can pray.


1.    Irene H. – salvation for Diana, Carlos, and Marty Martinez. 
2.    Kim W.  – salvation for family.
3.    Mariel G. -I pray for the salvation of my father Sergio, my brother Elvis and my mother Lupita. I don’t want them left behind.
4.    Warren – Please pray for salvation for Mike, Victor, Jessica, Merv, Bob, Ian, Peter and his family.
5.    Nancy B. – Marvin and my family to be saved. 
6.    Alice B – Fremio and Pam
7.    Becky  – salvation for Molly, for God to prepare her heart to receive and to use me as He wills to share with her.
8.    Irene G. -Please pray for Alfredo, He has been lost in the world for five years. Pray God brings my son back.
9.    Olivia- Please pray for the salvation of my family. 
10.    Stephanie – Prayers for my family’s salvation.
11.    Paul  – Rod, David
12.    Peter B.  – Arlen, my father (92). Judy, my catholic stepmom. 
13.    Carlos & Mary F. -Please pray for Maria. That she may put her complete trust in Jesus Christ and no one else but Him and His salvation.
14.    Dawnmarie – for Bronson (30)
15.    Daniel  – Doug
16.    Nancy B. – Pete
17.    Rich  – Jimmy


1.    Kyleen’s update- Walking without walker.  Visitors give me something in my day to look forward to. (Not a morning person) Definitely not beyond needing prayers for full recovery, but definitely doing better. Thank you so much for your prayers. I love you, Church.  
2.    Paul J.- pray with me for a young man I interviewed today who suffers from extreme social anxiety.  He had a very difficult time just appearing and obviously struggles with meeting people or being in the presence of strangers.  I pray that he can find peace and that he can overcome his fears and can find friendship. 
3.    Mariel- My cousins wife died from anemia. He thought she was asleep, but she had already passed away. She died at home. They’re at the funeral now. She will be cremated tomorrow. Her sons are 21 and 25. They said she was the pillar of the family.
4.    Mariel- My cousin’s wife died a few hours ago. Our mothers are sisters so he’s like a brother. Prayer for peace in his heart and her family 
5.    Heather W. – Update on Rick. He can’t have the open-heart surgery he needs because he has CKD (chronic kidney disease). He can only be treated with medications and diet.  He is 83, has 4 bad blockages in his heart, and has no good prognosis.
6.    Jobanna L. – Update on friend’s dad, who had a stroke a while back. He has finally woken up from the comma after surgery. Took a long while but all glory to God. Juan is breathing on his own but frustrated that his side is paralyzed, and he can’t speak much, let alone remember anything that has taken place. Please pray that with the proper therapy he will improve and most of all accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Thank you for helping me pray.
7.    Ada F.- prayers today please as I go in for MRI for spine @ 1:00, to rule out a few things. Thank you for continued prayers, love & miss u all, have a blessed Easter Sunday. He has Risen! Blessings.
8.    Mariel-  I went to see the ophthalmologist. She found a hole in each retina. Prayer for retina specialist to fix and first and foremost, guidance from God to direct specialist to do procedure correctly. 
9.    Rich – Continue to pray for Pastor Caleb and the folks he’s working with as they work to help refugees in Ukraine. Pray for wisdom, open doors, and protection. 
10.    Caleb – Prayer request for my friend Brad whose cancer has aggressively returned, they don’t know where it is yet. Prayers for healing and strength and the Lord to do a physical and spiritual miracle in this season.
11.    David M. – Prayer request for my brother-in-law Andy and his wife.  They got their business broken into last night.  They sold a new Nissan and a lot of inventory.  Also pray for Andy’s brother that is in ICU who originally had brain issue, was on a ventilator, was improving, but stopped breathing yesterday for a time.  
12.    Ada F. – Prayers please for my sister in laws cousin, Jennifer C. Diagnosis with breast cancer. have ran more tests & have found in lymph nodes. Doctors running more scans to check if it has spread. Prayers please for our Lord’s healing power. Comfort & peace for her & her family. Thank you.
13.    Christie R- Prayers for our neighbor Diego. He has a concussion, and his brain has bled in 4 places. The doctors have said the critical period has passed and the next step is to go to the neurologist. He is in pain and can’t do very much.
14.    Genesis R. – Prayers for my bone Scan tomorrow and the CT scan next week. Please pray the cancer hasn’t spread anywhere. 
15.    Lynn B. –  Prayers for our president and his administration. For the church and all the work, they are doing. Also, prayers for my family and myself.
16.    Peter Br. – Prayer for Steven T., has endoscopy of throat and stomach tomorrow 1pm at Hoag in New Port Beach for unbearable pain in stomach. Last week had CAT scan with dye contrast but doesn’t have results yet. Please pray healing/Drs find cause and stop the sharp intense pain.
17.    Ernie F.  -Please pray for young man name Guillermo that recently gave his life to the Lord. He just text me that his little brother Angel got hit by a car. He’s in the hospital waiting for surgery let’s lift his whole family in prayer during this difficult time thank you.
18.    Genesis R.- Please pray for my family and I as I re-enter treatment. Another tumor was found, and the cancer is back. For wisdom for my doctors, peace for my children, strength and endurance for my husband and myself. We know God provided once; He can do it again. 
19.    Marcia K.- Please pray for my sister’s friend Joanna who is being rushed to the hospital with complications from her cancer. Also, for my sister’s two daughters who won’t speak to her. 
20.    Mary F.- Please pray for pastors and church leaders in Ukraine targeted by the Russian military. May the doors open to preach the gospel and may God protect them. May both Ukrainian and Russians come to know Christ.
21.    Peter B. – Please pray for protection against spiritual attack and migraine I’ve had for 2 days goes away. Do not have enough money for rent & bills, but God always provides. “The Lord is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him.” Psalm 30:5    
22.    Tino P.- Please pray alongside our family for our daughter in law who is having a baby and is experiencing complications with her pregnancy.   Lord, do your will.  You know what needs to be done.
23.    Peter B. – Praise report – thank you for your prayers, I had a very good interview for a Customer Service position today. They are recommending me for an in person interview next. 
24.    Becky F. – Please pray for my nephew’s wife, having her brother’s memorial tomorrow. (He was killed by a hit and run last month).
25.    Mary F. – Please pray for Joshua. He has bronchitis.
26.    Paul J. –  Please pray for Debbie my sister-in-law who was in a major car accident this morning.
27.    Peter B. –  Please pray for Gregg H, paranoia has returned, and the new bipolar medicines aren’t helping. Pray for Gregg to feel God’s presence and calm clear mind. Pray for wife Monica for comfort, peace, and strength.
28.    Stephanie G. – Please continue to pray for my husband Lon that his Parkinson’s disease does not get any worse. Thank you.
29.    Caleb – for pastor Graydon Jessup – he has an aggressive but treatable form of cancer. He has long road ahead of him for the next six months.
30.    Rich – For our service men and women protecting our country.
31.    Mariel- For one of my Members, Jesse G. He asks 4 prayers. For a normal CT SCAN result. He had a successful 4-way heart pass. He is a believer. 
32.    Mariel G.-  Patricia O., one of my members is having surgery. Prayer for peace and wisdom for the doctors to do the surgery well. Prayer for a speedy recovery.
33.    Daniel G.- For my aunt Ardith B. She has Alzheimer’s and has also fallen and is in the hospital.
34.    Mariel- For my brother Armandos childhood friend. He’s on verge of death. Crazy Wednesday of sorrows. Pray for Gods peace. I hope they’re all believers.
35.    Kyleen S.- My mom came home from hospital yesterday with care giver in place. Continued prayers for salvation, & healing and that she (90) & my dad (90) stops getting her up without caregiver there!
36.    Mariel G. – Jake has a phone appointment w/ dr. Prayer for no alarming health risks for lung cancer. Also, prayer for a great message delivery in Sunday as he will lead the Youth group 
37.    Rozalie B. – I just find out whether dear friend has breast cancer and I wanted to put it on our prayer chain just to have her lifted yes, she is a believer and does not attend our church but is a friend of mine.
38.    Mariel- My cousin’s husband is dying. Heart related issues. They’re both doctors. Our mothers are sisters as well.
39.    Cindy B. – Howard – for my cousin Herb who is having carotid artery surgery tomorrow.
40.    Gregg – cancer, heart complications, recovery from stroke, depression.
41.    Mariel- Update on Gia because she is light skin and sun baths a lot she has those growths, and they are usually cancerous. Right now, they are not so big. She will have surgery on May 18th for them to be removed. She has bump on her head that’s getting removed. For now, she is on medication. Please continue to pray. Thank you.
42.    Cheryl- Update on Gene: Praise the Lord. Thankfully after having a stress test Gene is home. Thankfully not heart attack.
43.    Rich – a friend, Pastor Steve – his daughter Nicole (31yrs old) has been diagnosed with cancer.
44.    Mariel- My friend and coworker Sarina, has 4 weeks left before having her baby girl. Prayer for comfort and loving peace from Jesus. For her, husband Carlos and their toddler son.
45.    Daniel G. –  For our family. We were in rear ended on the freeway. No injuries, but it’s a hassle having to get the truck fixed. Pray for a smooth process and for favor!!
46.    Ernie-  Please pray for Ada as her team of doctors want to make sure that everything ‘s OK she’s not in pain which is good but has no movement to lift they are ordering x-rays right now. Thank you.
47.    Steve T.- Asking for prayers for Carmen my wife, she’s becoming very anemic asking for healing.
48.    Nicki B. – Diagnosed with an abdominal tumor. Asking the Lord to shrink or remove the tumor, so that any surgery might be less dangerous. Pray also for the family. Her MS has also been flaring up.
49.    Ernie – for daughter Natalie, continuing recovery from cancer in her tongue. 
50.    Rich – for my cousin’s son Charles, 37, diagnosed with hereditary gastric cancer.
51.    Olivia – For Brandon – some praise! The jails are open for visits. His father will be able to see him once a month.
52.    Mariel G. – Armando applied for a job. He has been unemployed for a few years now. He has his 4 boys to support. If it be Gods will, may it be so. 
53.    Jobanna L.  – Appreciate prayers for swift healing for myself as I had had a sprained shoulder for a while but had no clue. Started physical therapy yesterday and are struggling to not overdue myself but it is a challenge with my many responsibilities.
54.    Daniel – Stephen and Megan R.’s little one (in vitro) might have some developmental abnormalities… pray for healing, pray for wisdom and strength
55.    Franklin –  for a young man named Ramzes who lost his father a couple of years ago. He tried to commit suicide and now he has been diagnosed with leukemia and will need a marrow transplant. 
56.    Mariel- I’ve had a headache since Sunday during service. Prayer headache doesn’t spread please. May the Lord take the one I have that’s stuck on one part of my head.
57.    Kevin & Michelle S.- Healing for grandson 4-year-old Gabe. Fevers will not go away. 4th visit to doctor in 2 weeks. Now testing for mono and strep. Parents, Brian and Amy (who is now also sick) are discouraged and weary.  Due to return from mission field on May 19 Lord willing
58.    Marion & Dale –  I want to ask that we send up prayer for my mom, Dee, this month she will 85, she has fibrosis in her lungs, and now her lymph nodes are all swelling causing pain. The Lord knows what time she has left. She is enjoying her quilt with scriptures from sewing seeds she is blessed to have it. Thanks.
59.    Michael & Gri W. – both are being treated for cancer. Fatigue and insomnia have been a struggle.
60.    Kevin & Michelle – for their son and his family on the mission field with an unreached Muslim people group. Pray for wisdom, protection, and guidance.
61.    Paul J. –  Please pray for a young man in the ER who is having to treat an extreme emotional reaction. 
62.    Paul J.- He’s in the ER.
63.    Mariel G.- Due to preeclampsia My cousin had to give birth to her baby early. My cousin had her baby yesterday via c-section at 30 weeks. Her name is Yareli, and she weighs only 2lbs. Both are stable. Please pray. 
64.    Ernie F. – Good morning keep Ada in prayer as she’s getting her MRI done this morning of her leg thank you
65.    Tino P.-  Please help us pray for my coworker the Franco family. Wife Traci is going through chemo and an experimental treatment for her battle with cancer.  Father John is in hospice care.
66.    Anonymous – Salvation request for Keith Adam Van Horn. 
67.    Christie R. – A 10-year-old Oregon boy, Mikah B., was injured while exiting an attraction at Disneyland in the past several days. He underwent knee surgery and will be flying back to OR with his family shortly. The surgery went well, but he will need to have 3-4 more surgeries as he grows into adulthood. We pray for miraculous healing for Mikah and financial providence along with peace, encouragement, and support for their family. (Cara is Terri C.’s (Dave’s sister) daughter in law’s sister.)
68.    Mariel G.- Will be taking Jake to urgent care to have, hopefully, an ultrasound to have his liver checked. Prayers please for sound mind for both of us. God willing it is nothing serious. God You have this!
69.    Mariel G. -For Jake who’s having discomfort in his kidney. Patience and waiting on the Lord, not on Google for diagnosis.
70.    Ernie F. – Please play from my friend Peter in Minnesota that’s passing some kidney stones and his wife who just tested positive for C 19 thank you 
71.    Diana B. – First, my cousin Carlos C. is in ICU while vacationing in Quito, Ecuador. He has blood clots in his lungs, high blood pressure, and dehydration due to the high altitude. Prayer for him, his wife Maria, and the doctors. Second, my friend Gabriela F. in northern Ca. was placed under hospice care battling cancer in her neck and jaw area. Prayers for her, her husband, Jose, and the caregivers.
72.    Genesis R. – Prayers for my port placement procedure today. That is goes smoothly and my port works the way it’s supposed to. 
73.    Ernie F. – Praise report for Ada no blood clot for Ada thank you for your prayers! Praise the Lord. 
74.    Jodie- Pray for Francis Mable, Jodi’s Daughter is sick. Coughing and flu like symptoms! Pray for a swift healing for her and her daughter, both not feeling well!!
75.    Heather W. – requesting prayer for 2pm appt tomorrow to look at house with room to rent.
76.    Peter B. -please pray for Heather W. who is looking for a new place to live. Also, for a different friend, Sandy who is also looking for a place to live! Pray for wisdom and open doors!
77.    Ernie F. – Urgent Prayer for Ada. Please, we are at the hospital waiting to be called may have a possible Blood clot. 
78.    Jobanna L –  Please pray for my son Abe to have a good dentist visit and no need of dental work.
79.    Jobanna L. –  Please pray for a hedge of protection for my oldest sons. The Lord knows the details.


1.    Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry teachers (Nursery-Fifth grade)
2.    That God would use our church to faithfully equip the saints for ministry.
3.    That God would use our church to help believers find their ministry and serve Jesus.
4.    That God would use our church to bring LOST people to Jesus.
5.    Vision and direction for our church – staying on track with the Lord
6.    Men’s Ministry (Caleb Beller, Manuel Castro, David Menkel)
7.    Church Accounting Ministry (Ramzey Mansour, Chris Burroughs)
8.    Mexico Ministry (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
9.    Elders (David Menkel, Neil Groom, David Chang, David Cathers, Rich Cathers, Art Cardenas, Chris Burroughs, Caleb Beller)
10.    Operation Christmas Child (Daniel Grant)
11.    Thursday Night Study (Daniel Grant)
12.    For a permanent home/building for the church. 
13.    Sunday morning studies (Caleb Beller)
14.    Helping Hands (Noah & Becky Fredrickson)
15.    For our church to be marked by our love for Jesus, our dependence upon His grace, our love for one another, our study of God’s Word, and the power of His Spirit.
16.    The James Gang – addiction recovery ministry (Daniel Grant)
17.    Jr. High School Group (Manuel & Jennifer Castro)
18.    Sr. High School Group (Daniel Grant)
19.    Audio-Visual Ministry (Brandon Robertson)
20.    Children’s Ministry (Sarah Cathers)
21.    Church Office (Genesis Robertson)
22.    College Ministry (Jered Johnson)
23.    Connect Groups (Greg Bird)
24.    GriefShare (Neil Groom)
25.    Guitar Class (Peter Bright)
26.    Servant School (Rich Cathers)
27.    Serve Fullerton (Franklin Garcia)
28.    Sewing Seeds (Toni Gray)
29.    Spanish Fellowship (Franklin Garcia)
30.    Ushers/Parking Lot (Franklin Garcia)
31.    Women’s Ministry (Kim Beller)
32.    Worship Ministries (David Cathers)

We will keep your request on the list for at least one month unless you notify the church of any changes or updates to the prayer requests