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Jared Johnson 

​​In his college years, Jared was gripped by stories of revival through Christians’ extraordinary gatherings in prayer. “If we will pray, might God do it again?” By God’s grace, he was able to start a prayer/evangelism group at Cal State Fullerton that turned into “Campus Revive,” a ministry bent on inspiring, gathering, and equipping Christian students to pray for revival and proclaim the Gospel on the frontlines of culture: the college campus. 

His goal is to become a non-profit organization that develops prayer movements covering every campus in intercession, followed by evangelism movements blanketing the campus with the Gospel. Currently, Jared is directing the ministry with the help of an intern to stir and train local college students at Cal State Fullerton and Long Beach for prayer, revival, and evangelism. Jared is concurrently working on his M.Div part-time at The Master’s Seminary. 


Meeting Times:

Mon. 6:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Tue. 12:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Wed. 6:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Thu. 6:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Fri. 6:00 PM Evangelism at the Outlets


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All meetings are happening on Zoom. 


Young adults gathering together in prayer with open hearts for God to begin a revival in their own hearts and on their college campuses. 

For more information txt the church office at (714) 879-3314.


Grace and peace from our good Lord,
To those of you who are encouraging, praying, and partnering with me to train up our students and take the gospel to our neighbors; may God bless you for your kindness to me, and service to our Lord. Ministry has it’s ups and downs, cloud nines and pits of despair. Through it all we press on for the prize of our Lord. To strive side by side with you all towards that end is a privilege I too often forget. May the Lord stir you to greater devotion for Him, times of intimate prayer and intercession, treasuring His word in your hearts, and faithful proclamation of the gospel. 

May our hearts beat for revival. 
One of the students I’m pouring into, Sean Blake, just shared the gospel for the first time! 

Last year I had the privilege of taking Sean through a six-week discipleship course when he first became a Christian. He quickly became an active member of WestGrove’s Young Adults group, co-starring with me in some memorable “rap” performances (watch out for that new album). 

Just a few weeks ago on the Young Adults retreat  Sean was stirred for his faith like never before, as  evidenced by the fruit he’s bearing: sharing the  gospel. 

The other day he told me “I shared the gospel with  my brother last night” 

“No way! How did it go??” 

Sean told me he intentionally walked into his  brothers room and began a gospel conversation. I  was so proud to hear about what he shared, it  sounded a lot like what I would say! 

A few days later we went witnessing together at the pier. That weekend, Sean went to a local church outreach and by himself, shared the gospel with a man sitting on the beach. He pointed him to sin, and the good news of Jesus’s salvation. 

Is there any greater joy than being used by God to  train up a disciple? So proud of this guy, send him up some prayers. 
Me, Lydia, Andrew, and Adam crossing the 3am finish line! 
Andrew and I, inspired by Peggy and Christine Smith, decided to pray from 10pm to 3 in the morning. 

We’ve been reading through Fireseeds (see my last newsletter) and were both mutually stirred by the devotion of the Smith sisters. Two women in their 80’s with various ailments praying for five hours into the night! Stories like that motivate us to step it up! 

Jesus also prayed for absurd amounts of time, and at unusual hours (Mark 1:35-37; Mark 6:45-47; Luke 6:12). To pray like this is to imitate our Lord! 

Lydia (Andrew’s fiancé) and Adam also joined us for an epic night of worship, confession, reading through 7 chapters of Mark, and intercession for revival. May this only be the beginning! As the Lord wills, we look forward to gathering many more students to pray like Jesus did. 
That wild man preaching to the crowd is Ray Comfort, one of my heroes in the faith. To me, street preaching has been the least desirable way I could fulfill the great commission. But, undeniably needed, and on my heart for maybe almost a year. I have resisted doing it, until a few weeks ago when I got challenged. 
I was witnessing at the pier and saw my friend, Deborah Stoelting, preaching away for 10-15 second intervals at the groups that would walk by. It was incredible! She challenged me to do it, and two weeks later I came back ready to go for it. I got up on an elevated concrete slab, saw some people walking towards us, and began preaching my heart out for the 15 seconds I had them. 
“What do you value the most in life? The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, that means that your greatest need is the way out of that. And it’s Jesus. His body was ripped to shreds so that you could be forgiven your sins. Will you consider this Jesus?”… or something like that. 
Some incredible conversations came out of it, and no doubt seeds were planted in the hearts of countless people on the pier that night.
Whatever disapproval, awkwardness, and mockery results cannot compare to the joy of being used by God to save a soul. 
Keep serving my friends, the harvest is coming!
For the King,
Jared Johnson 
Prayer Requests: 
  • Revival in the hearts of college students
  • For meeting my financial goals! 
  • Andrew, Isaiah, and Sean 
  • Our Board of Directors (Rob, Bob, Austin, Adam, Brandon, Dane, and myself) 
  • A prayer group to form Mon-Thur at Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach
  • Matthew to grow in his walk with Christ
  • Our leaders to bear much fruit, and new ones to pour into 
Jared Johnson
Campus Revive Ministry Worker

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