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Questions for the Week of 11-07-21

What one meal takes you back to your childhood, every time you eat it?
If a movie were to be made of your life, who would you want to play you and why?

1-Was there ever a time in your walk with God when like Paul (V3) you thought you were following God and pleasing Him but you then discovered it wasn’t pleasing to God? Please share how God redirected you back to Him?

2-What can we do to keep ourselves from falling into the snake pit of anger and resentment for those who try to harm us? What can we do to maintain Christ’s love for those who violently oppose us and not fall into an ‘us versus them’ mentality?

3-What is the natural and normal way you respond to trial and difficulty in life? Do you run from it or attack it back? How have You learned or could you learn to surrender to God and respond to it as Paul does by embracing it and walking into it without a victim mentality or going to war over it?

4-Paul didn’t act superior or better than those he witnessed to but instead brought himself to their level and identified with their struggles through sharing his testimony. Have you thought about your story and which sinners you can most identify with? Do you identify with the those who were super self-righteous like Paul and realized they aren’t good enough or maybe those who’ve messed up their life in sin and realize they aren’t good enough or somewhere in between? Tell us about it.

5-Have you ever thought about the key points of your testimony? Paul shared the important points of his when he gives his defense. What are some of the key elements of your testimony in bullet point form and are you ready to share them with those who wonder why you follow Jesus?

Here are a few videos to whet your appetite …

Here’s an interview with Greg and Lauren Bird from our “Ethos” series – 

Wait, tell me a little more first…

What are Connect Groups?

10-12 weeks of sermon-based small group gatherings. A trained facilitator and host lead each group. An average meeting lasts for an hour and a half.

Why do we need them?

Connect Groups are key to developing meaningful Christian relationships and growing closer to God.

What are the practicals?

Connect Groups gather for 8-10 weeks and are comprised of 10-16 people. They meet weekly to study God’s Word and to build relationships. Discussion questions will act as a guide for the groups, questions will be based off of the previous Sunday sermon. Groups happen twice a year: fall and spring.

What are the guidelines?

1. In order to build and maintain trust between us, we will hold confidential whatever is shared in the meeting.  Gossip is not allowed. Gossip is sharing what was said by someone in this group with anyone outside the group and without the speaker’s permission.

2. Each person who has the floor will be given two minutes to speak.

a.  This will allow time for everyone to participate and keep any one person from using up too much time.

 b.  We speak about ourselves and our own experiences in following Jesus. The goal of our discussion is not to display our knowledge but to encourage and build our walks with Jesus. Use the word “I” as in “I should”, “I want”, “I think”, or “I feel”. Avoid talking in terms of “We”, “You”, or “They”.

 c.  We do not talk about the weaknesses, shortcomings, or failures of others, we encourage you to openly talk about your own weaknesses.

3.  Treating one another with respect means that we:

a.   Engage in active listening. This means we listen carefully as others speak instead of ignoring them as we formulate our response.

 b.  Don’t cross talk/chat, one person will talk at a time. Offer your brothers the respect of not interrupting.

 c.  Don’t give advice unless someone specifically asks us for it. We speak to the group, as a whole, not individual members.

d.  Don’t use humor or sarcasm about other people or what they share.

e.  Avoid arguing politics or political candidates realizing that all political topics fall outside the discussions we are trying to promote. Instead our focus is on how we can best follow Jesus.

4.  The facilitator has the right to gently remind or interrupt any person sharing of these guidelines.


For more information email or message 714-879-3314.