Win the Lost, Equip the Saints, Send the Servants

Servant School

Daily Bible Reading

Servant School 103

Starting Thursday October 7, we will be offering a seven week online class for your spiritual growth.

You can register here

The class will start at 7:00pm on Zoom, will include the main church online Worship and Prayer, and then around 7:20 will shift to the class. The class will end close to 8:15pm

We feel that one of the keys to growing and maturing in our walk with Jesus is the establishment of a daily habit of reading your Bible.

This class is going to be simple.  We will work at reading our Bible every day.  We will follow the church’s daily Bible reading schedule (look for it on the church app).  Each Thursday we will check in and see how we have been doing.

We will share lessons from what we’ve been reading.  We will be encouraged by others in what they’ve read.  We will have a chance to encourage others.

The text for the class?  Your Bible.

Here’s to building a stronger foundation in Christ, a stronger church, and a stronger walk for the future!