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Jared Johnson 

​​In his college years, Jared was gripped by stories of revival through Christians’ extraordinary gatherings in prayer. “If we will pray, might God do it again?” By God’s grace, he was able to start a prayer/evangelism group at Cal State Fullerton that turned into “Campus Revive,” a ministry bent on inspiring, gathering, and equipping Christian students to pray for revival and proclaim the Gospel on the frontlines of culture: the college campus. 

His goal is to become a non-profit organization that develops prayer movements covering every campus in intercession, followed by evangelism movements blanketing the campus with the Gospel. Currently, Jared is directing the ministry with the help of an intern to stir and train local college students at Cal State Fullerton and Long Beach for prayer, revival, and evangelism. Jared is concurrently working on his M.Div part-time at The Master’s Seminary. 


Meeting Times:

Mon. 6:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Tue. 12:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Wed. 6:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Thu. 6:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Fri. 6:00 PM Evangelism at the Outlets


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All meetings are happening on Zoom. 


Young adults gathering together in prayer with open hearts for God to begin a revival in their own hearts and on their college campuses. 

For more information txt the church office at (714) 879-3314.


Grace and peace from our good Lord,
I wrote out some words for our prayer meeting last weekend that I ended up not using, but perhaps they will be (with some final touches) of service to you now. Here is a piece of my heart when it comes to praying for revival: 
“I look at the culture of Christianity I live in and I thank God for my salvation and his exceeding patience, because far too often we worship the same idols our world worships. David says in Psalm 16:3 “I said to the Lord you are my LORD.” We might confess YHWH is Lord, but our actions confess another. The sheer amount of time we spend on our desires confesses that Netflix is Lord, career is Lord, experience is Lord, pornography is Lord, love is Lord, restaurants are Lord. And I say to you, we have got to stop serving a wicked and deceiving heart. Elijah stood before 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Ashera and all of Israel and said “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.” And what followed was a supernatural demonstration that what 950 demoniac worshippers couldn’t do from morning to noon and past, Yahweh could do in seconds. Stop limping! YHWH is God. Follow him and you will find him to be infinitely more satisfying and superior to the idols of our day.” 
May God give us a passion for destroying any desire for idol worship, that we might see revival among us. 
Glory to God for this outreach!
You might remember hearing about our outreach at the Huntington Beach Pier last month. It was such a success that we decided to aim for doing one every month. By God’s grace we saw double the amount of people! We also had a full band up there; fun to see God orchestrating all kinds of different people together to show off His glory. 
I had the privilege of preaching a 12 minute-ish gospel message from Romans 3:20-24. “For by works of the law no human being will be justified in his sight, since through the law comes knowledge of sin.” Just unpacking this verse is such a powerful tool to help people understand their need for a Savior. Everyone thinks they’re a good person and their good deeds will guarantee them a spot in heaven (if they believe in heaven). But not even those who had the right standard of good, the law of God, were cleared of their sin by doing works of the law. The law is not a map to heaven; it’s a mirror of the human heart. It shows us who we really are and are desperate need for justification. Once that is established, what a joy it is to walk through the next few verses. “But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law…” Amen! It’s been manifested! It’s here, it’s available today. “The righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe” (Rom. 3:22). 
Jonah and Cat’s first time witnessing! (This is not the same night as the story that follows). 
What’s your authority? And why do you trust it? 
These are questions every nonbeliever should be forced to grapple with. Why does the mormon put all their trust in the Book of Mormon? What source of authority do you depend upon for your religion? 
Often times nonbelievers confidently assert truth claims about God, the afterlife, morality, etc., but have never been challenged to produce a reason for their beliefs. Ironically, the world has more faith then we do; a faith devoid of a trustworthy foundation. Planting a seed of doubt in the authority of nonbelievers doctrine is a worthy goal of the preacher of the gospel. 
I just watched this play out in a conversation with three high-schoolers, one of which kept insisting that we were all gods. At some point, after bringing up what the Scriptures say about their being only one God, I challenged the student to consider what authority he has to say this belief was true, to which he had nothing to offer. I pointed out that it sounded to me like he had his own religion, and suggested that the truth wouldn’t be found in his own ideas, but in something (someone) outside of himself. I pointed to the reliability of the Scriptures and challenged this student to read them for himself. I shared the truth with them; we have sinned against God, but Christ atoned for the sins of the world. One of the friends was especially receptive to what I was saying, so I offered to do a Bible study with them and gave our card. 
Prayer Requests: 
  • Revival in the hearts of college students
  • Andrew and Isaac, 2 new students I’m pouring into 
  • New church partnerships
  • The ladies book club. They are going through “Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening.” Pray for their hearts to be stirred to pray for revival and proclaim the gospel 
  • Our Board of Directors (Rob, Bob, Austin, Adam, Brandon, and myself) 
  • A prayer group to form Mon-Thur at Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach
  • Our leaders to bear much fruit and new ones to pour into 
Jared Johnson
Campus Revive Ministry Worker



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