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Jared Johnson 

​​In his college years, Jared was gripped by stories of revival through Christians’ extraordinary gatherings in prayer. “If we will pray, might God do it again?” By God’s grace, he was able to start a prayer/evangelism group at Cal State Fullerton that turned into “Campus Revive,” a ministry bent on inspiring, gathering, and equipping Christian students to pray for revival and proclaim the Gospel on the frontlines of culture: the college campus. 

His goal is to become a non-profit organization that develops prayer movements covering every campus in intercession, followed by evangelism movements blanketing the campus with the Gospel. Currently, Jared is directing the ministry with the help of an intern to stir and train local college students at Cal State Fullerton and Long Beach for prayer, revival, and evangelism. Jared is concurrently working on his M.Div part-time at The Master’s Seminary. 


Meeting Times:

Mon. 6:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Tue. 12:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Wed. 6:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Thu. 6:00 PM Zoom Prayer
Fri. 6:00 PM Evangelism at the Outlets


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All meetings are happening on Zoom. 


Young adults gathering together in prayer with open hearts for God to begin a revival in their own hearts and on their college campuses. 

For more information txt the church office at (714) 879-3314.


Grace and peace from our good Lord,
I have been disciplining myself to read more. My goal is to be consistently reading material concerning revival, apologetics, leadership, etc.. Here are some quotes/lessons in my mind that I trust will be of service to you: 
Some books I’ve been enjoying! 
“Change the university, and you change the world.” – Charles Malik, Former Secretary General of the United Nations (quoted from “The Fuel and the Flame”)

“God has chosen to make prayer a means of blessing, not so that the fulfillment of his purposes becomes dependent upon us, but rather to help us learn our absolute dependence upon him.” – Iain H. Murray 

I have struggled in my own mind whether revival doesn’t come because I don’t have enough faith, or because we’re not doing something right. Scripture makes it clear that we can hinder the work of God with our sin, but ultimately God moves as he’s determined to move. No man is going to twist God’s arm into releasing revival. Many of the greats prayed for revival and never saw it in their lifetime. It’s part of the plan; we just need to be faithful. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding” (Pro 3:5). 

“The itinerants danger is the greater, from the improbability that he will receive such admonition and reproof as he needs. If he has habitual attendants, as Whitefield had, they will mostly be his devoted friends, who admire all his errors.” 
– Joseph Tracy, The Great Awakening

Tracy’s observation from the history of the Great Awakening is alone worth the price of the book. The traveling minister of the gospel is surrounded by yes-men, and so is in great danger of pride. Tracy points out many ministers who succumbed to this, but argues that Whitefield was eager to be corrected (yet even he, one of the most humble and godly men of that time, when corrected by Jonathan Edwards for putting too much emphasis on his own application of Scripture as from the Holy Spirit, did not receive the rebuke until three years later).

The greatest of men struggle with pride! And the greatest of men should take into account the praise they receive is often biased in their favor. We Christians sure do need those friends who aren’t blinded by the gifts God’s given us, who love us enough to tell the truth. 
“I didn’t do enough” 
One of the most powerful scenes in cinematic history has to be from Schindlers List (wouldn’t recommend watching unless you edit out the nudity), when Oscar Schindler is surrounded by the 1,100 Jews he saved from the Nazi killing machine, but breaks down in tears because he realizes he “didn’t do enough”. 

We all feel this at some points in our Christian walk. We could have read more, prayed more, shared the gospel more. It’s the sobering reality of the shortness of life and the inevitability of death that beckons us to run harder for our Lord, and to stand for the things that matter, especially for those who can’t stand for themselves. 

With that in mind, by God’s grace we have a green light from Calvary Chapel Beachside to host our first ever Pro-Life conference! 

God has renewed a burden for the injustice of our day in both Adam’s and my own heart. It is one thing to intellectually understand abortion is the termination of a human life; it is another to take action. I do not want to go through my life knowing murder is happening in my neighborhood (legally!) and not have done my part to stand against it. These kinds of thoughts, cultivated by our sovereign God, have led to this outreach. 

Our vision is threefold: 1) Mark Spence, Vice President of Living Waters (Ray Comfort’s ministry) has confirmed he can open for us, a brilliant speaker and especially knowledgeable on this topic. We’re looking forward to being stirred up to take action; 2) A time of prayer for revival and awakening on this topic; 3) sending out pre-selected teams to pray/sidewalk counsel on the sidewalks of our local Planned Parenthoods. 

May God use this event to stir up his church to stand against such horrendous evil. 
Be encouraged, my brothers and sisters in the faith, that the work you’re praying for and supporting is changing lives. 

I recently did a Bible study with a student I’ve been discipling. We spent two weeks in 1 Timothy 1:3-4, writing it, reading it in different translations, and asking as many questions of the text as we could. When I told the student we’d be looking at this verse again next week, he commented something like, “I don’t see what else there is to find here.”

I didn’t realize it then, but this was a Karate Kid, wax-on wax-off moment. I tried to explain why we were doing this and then thought of a question that might help him connect the dots: “Let me ask you, do you understand 1 Timothy 1:3-4 now better than you did the first time you read it?” He said, “Oh, yeah I do.” That was a golden moment, and pretty funny for me. It was especially encouraging to run this student through a word study the next week and see how engaged he was.

It is has been a joy to build a foundation with this student, and provide answers to his questions about the Bible. Would you pray that he would totally surrender his life to the Scriptures and study them with devotion? And that God would grant me wisdom to assist him?
Prayer Requests: 
  • Revival in the hearts of college students
  • Our friends getting discipled and coming to our prayer meetings 
  • New church partnerships
  • The ladies book club. They are going through “Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening.” Pray for their hearts to be stirred to pray for revival and proclaim the gospel 
  • Our Board of Directors (Rob, Bob, Austin, Adam, Brandon, and myself) 
  • A prayer group to form Mon-Thur at Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach
  • Our leaders to bear much fruit and new ones to pour into 
Jared Johnson
Campus Revive Ministry Worker



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