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Servant School

Servant School Administration:  Caleb Beller

Thursday Evening is our night aimed at growing in the faith.

We will be offering a group of classes, each class lasting 5-6 weeks. We all meet first in the Calvary Sanctuary at 7:00 pm for worship, then split off to the classes scattered throughout the campus.

If there is a book, we’d appreciate any help with the cost of the book, but if you can’t afford it, we’ll have a book for you. At the end of each session, there will be short break, followed by another session of classes.

We are currently developing a “catalog” of classes we’ll be offering for the 2018-2019 school year.  Our first session will start September 13.  We’ll be posting the catalog soon.

Here’s last year’s classes to give you an idea of what our Servant School is all about:


Session Dates:

►SESSION 2: November 1—December 13, 2018
(No class on 11/22)

  • Seeking Allah / Finding Jesus: Walk with us through the story of Nabeel Qureshi. Raised in a practicing Muslim family, Nabeel details his journey as he examines the claims of his own faith, and begins to explore the truth claims of Christianity. You won’t just learn about Islam, you will come away having learned to love a Muslim family, and understand the culture. And best yet, you will get an excellent grounding in the reasons for our faith – that Jesus was indeed God and you can trust Him and His Word. Class will be taught by Dave Ritner.  Cost is $15

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  • Greek for the Rest of us: This will be a THREE SESSION Servant School Class. In other words, we’ll not just be going through December, but through April 4. We’ll be using William Mounce’s book “Greek for the rest of us”. When you sign up and pay, we’ll get you a book (don’t order it yourself, there are a few editions out there and we want to make sure we’re all working from the same book). The cost will be $25 to cover the book, but you only have to buy one book to take you through all three sessions, so it’s really quite a deal! Will there be homework in this class? You bet. We are also limiting the class to 10 students, so be sure to sign up or you might lose your chance.  This class will be taught by Rich Cathers. Cost is $25

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*Session Break: 12/20 & 12/27

SPRING 2019:

►SESSION 3: January 3—February 7, 2019

*Movie Night: 2/14/19
*Session Break: 2/21/19

►SESSION 4: February 28—April 4, 2019

*Session Break: 4/11/19
*Movie Night: 4/18/19

►SESSION 5: April 25—May 30, 2019


Check out the campus map/schedule to see where the classrooms are located.