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Leader: David Cathers

We think that for a church our size, we have quite a group of talented musicians. Some of the musicians have played together for ten years or more. But worship is more than just good music. Worship is a matter of the heart. Worship is our heart expressing love and adoration to God’s heart.

David oversees the various worship teams at the church. The main adult worship team practices on Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. in the Calvary Sanctuary. Check out the campus map/schedule to see where that is. If you’re interested in being a part of the worship team, just talk to David after church or show up on a Tuesday night.

Our Music

Our first studio album with all original music

How do you get a CD?

    1. You can get a CD at church for a $5 donation.
    2. You can download the entire album from iTunes for $9.99, or download each song individually for $.99 each.
    3. It’s other places online as well.  You can also purchase and download the CD, either as an entire album ($9.99), or each track individually ($.99), through CD Baby.  Hey, it’s even selling on Amazon for $8.99.
    4. You can purchase the physical CD online through Paypal for $14, and we’ll mail you the physical, actual CD!  Click on the button below to order: SOLD OUT

Here are samples from the album, along with words and chords for you musician types …


Sample txt doc
Moving in the Wind mp3 txt doc
High Upon The Rock mp3 txt doc
I See, I Know / Glory and Honor mp3 txt doc
I Run to You mp3 txt doc
With All My Heart mp3 txt doc
Yeshua, King of Kings mp3 txt doc
Broken Heart mp3 txt doc
A Covering Of Love mp3 txt doc
I Enter In mp3 txt doc
839 (Psalm 8) mp3 txt doc
Grace Like Rain mp3 txt doc
Psalm 138 mp3 txt doc
It Is My Desire mp3 txt doc
I Lift My Hands mp3 txt doc
Reflection mp3 txt doc


For Worship Team Members Only